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CORALATIONS is a non-profit ocean conservation organization founded in August 1995 by Mary Ann Lucking and Orlando Peraza on, and to benefit, the island of Puerto Rico- Our mission in Puerto Rico is : To Preserve, Nurture and Educate.

To Preserve: CORALATIONS is committed to preserving as much of the healthy coral reef ecosystem as is possible. We will focus on facilitating mooring buoy placement and maintenance programs as well as assisting local government agencies in establishing successful marine fishery reserves-

To Nurture: CORALATIONS is committed to nurturing already compromised coral reef ecosystem through habitat enhancement. We will be working with Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division on placing environmentally friendly "Reef Balls" as alternative dive locations and fishing habitat for anglers. We will be pursuing the latest advancements in mariculture technologies for stock enhancement of conch and Caribbean lobster. We will coordinate volunteers in red mangrove replanting projects around the island.

To Educate: CORALATIONS is committed to "grass roots" education regarding ocean conservation issues and fishery management plans. In conjunction with Reef Relief of Florida, bilingual information will be made available to the general public to increase awareness of human impact on the coral reef ecosystems. Future education projects include developing a "Conservation Youth Corps-- for Puerto Rican children- This will employ "Learn by Teaching-' activities for the children and offer them the opportunity to participate hands-on in some of our conservation projects-

CORALATIONS will be accomplishing these tasks by coordinating the efforts of experts and local government agencies. We will address coral reef ecosystem problem solving through a multi-disciplinary task force of scientists and engineers acting as consultants. Scientific input and documentation will be integral components of these endeavors.

For more information, please call us at the number below-

CORALations, Inc. is a non-profit ocean conservation organization founded to Preserve, Nurture, and Educate in Puerto Rico. CORALations now specializes in providing turnkey complete Reef Ball solutions including hard corals transplanted on your Reef Balls, educational signage and other full service options to restore total reef systems.  

P.O. Box 750
Culebra, PR  00775
Toll Free: 1-877-772-6725
787-742-0068, Fax: 787-742-0053

Orlando Peraza, President
Mary Ann Lucking, Project Coordinator

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