Green Marine International

Green MARINE International

One of the best ways to help the environment is to make it profitable to do so. Therefore Green MARINE International works with businesses and industry rather than against to create win-win situations where everyone benefits including the environment.

Anyone can do it, but I don't know anyone else who could do it as professionally, or gain as much publicity for my business as Dave of Green MARINE International has. Alan King of Dick Whittington Charters using the Green MARINES.

Dave has the ability to bring people from all backgrounds together to achieve common goals - and he does so in a way that is enjoyable! Kerry Jarvis, Asst. Coordinator to Dave Lennon during the Ramsar Wetland Convention.

Left- Rob White - concrete form worker and Reef Ball construction manager.
Middle - Peter Vella, marine biologist and Initiator of the Reef Ball trail,
Right, Dave Lennon
, President of Green Marine.

Monitoring Programs - innovative, effective and user friendly

Artificial Reefs - authorized Reef Ball contractor and monitoring for maximum benefits

Sampling - extensive experience conducting the following from various platforms ranging from small inflatables to oil rigs and 60 m workboats.

Seabed mapping and characterisation experience

Green MARINES - professional eco-tour guides

Custom tour programs - ideal for resorts within Australia and overseas

Publicity / Promotion - events, programs, products, businesses

Environmental event management - attention to the small details is what makes the difference.

Artwork / illustration / photography (incl. underwater)

Equipment design and fabrication

International experience and contacts

Qualifications of Dave Lennon, Principal of Green MARINE International

Work conducted for: Shell, Chevron, Texaco, FPL nuclear power plant, (US), Saudi Govt. Research Inst. (Saudi Arabia), Cypriot Fisheries (Cyprus), Qld Dept. of Environment, Sinclair Knight Merz, WBM Oceanics, ECOS Consulting (Woodside Petroleum WA job), Australian Marine Conservation Society, Moreton Bay Marine Assoc., Griffith University, PADI International, and numerous small businesses, dive centres, clubs etc.

'Helping the Environment, while helping You'

Memorial Reef Possibilities

Allow your loved one to continue giving long after they are gone
'Rest In Reef' is a new service that allows you to purchase a unique memorial that is made of concrete and rests on the seabed - providing shelter and food for marine life for over 100 yrs, therefore giving something back to a resource we normally only take from.
Rest In Reefs are made by adding plaques to modules made by a US patented mould system called 'Reef Balls' and are used extensively throughout the world for the construction of artificial reefs. The memorials are supplied by Green MARINE International and deployed by the Underwater Research Group of Qld (URGQ), a non-profit organisation working to enhance and understand the marine environment since 1954.


Helping the Environment, while helping You


Green MARINE International 

Dave Lennon


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