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Contacts for Alaska interested in a possible project for Unimak Island (the first Island on the Aleutian Chain) "I work for the Ecological Services Division which
 is  largely responsible for assessing impacts of federal civil works projects  and recommending mitigation projects throughout southcentral Alaska and  the  Aleutian Islands.  I have often thought that the Reef Ball system would  have applications in Alaska to mitigate for marine habitat losses, but am  unaware of any projects using these devices in Alaska.  Reefs have been  created, often by scattering shot-rock from a barge onto the sea floor,  with limited ecological benefits. The resource and development agencies in Unalaska are largely unaware of  reef construction technology and I am investigating the potential for  using  Reef Balls to mitigate for a project in Alaska.   

Update: May 2005...project in final planning stages for summer/fall 2005.

Ed Harman,  D&S Concrete inc. in Anchorage Alaska . Phone-907-349-6031

Glenn "Ole" Olson
General Construction Company
19472 Powder Hill Place NE
Poulsbo , WA 98370-7466

Phone 360-779-3200
Mobile 360-340-1087


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