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Bathymetric Analysis, Wave Refraction/Diffraction Analysis, Coastal Zone Management Study, Maiden Island Beach Protection Study  by Alfredo Torruella, Ph.D. of Caribbean Ocenaography Group. Reports on file at RBDG office but too large to post in net (commonfiles/commondocuments/antigua/). 787 726-2494 

Wayne Martin  Contact:   Tel      1 - 268 - 4624576/7/8       Fax:   1 - 268 - 4621884

Steve Graham, Architect 
(268) 480- 5280
(268) 480-3573 (Direct)
(268) 480-5289 (Fax)

Scott Glendinning, Chief Architect 
Fax 268-480-5928

 Assistant Lahorma James 480-3583 Ann Marie Liverpool, (Fax Number 480-3597) /fills in for Lahorma sometimes.

Valentine, Abigail (Admin./Reception)
(Stanford Development Company)

Gregory (Greg) L. Morris & Associates 787-723-8005 

Maiden Island Reef Ball Team 1st Visit Photos
-Special Merged Photos of Windward, Leeward and Mangrove Areas

Mold Owners

Stanford Development Company purchased 50 Reef Ball molds but the license for using them has been suspended pending resolution of outstanding invoices associated with the project.  Use of these molds for any project without the advanced written consent of the Reef Ball Foundation is a violation of international copyright law.

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