Construction and Deployment of Reef Balls at Maiden Island

Construction Photos

Crews are proud of the Goliath Sized Reef Balls...the largest non-custom Reef Ball size.

Robbie Duke, Head Reef Ball Construction Trainer, teaches various methods of deploying Reef Balls.

Todd Barber, Chairman of the Reef Ball Foundation, and Debbie O'Hare of the Coral Transplant Team show the construction team an advanced method of using the Reef Ball molds to create unique styles.  The construction team accused Mr. Barber of watching too much 'Star Trek' when he was a boy.

At times, over 1,000 Reef Balls were staged at the construction site waiting deployment.


A special construction team was set up just to do the 'layer cake' Reef Balls.  The construction team even came up with new ideas on their own...instead of just using rocks for the 'layer cakes', they used empty conch shells which added beauty and complexity to the Reef Balls.


Above and Below: Molds were designed and used to create anchoring piles for the Reef Balls that were deployed on pure sand bottoms.  The pilings make sure the Reef Balls don't sink down into the sand.

All molds where set up with two bases so that production could be speeded up by demolding the Reef Ball before the concrete was hard enough to lift them.  That way, the mold could be used while the first Reef Ball continued to harden.

A view inside one of the smaller sized Reef Balls.

The barges were loaded by cranes, 'cherry pickers' and front end loaders.  It all depended upon the size of the Reef Ball being loaded and which barge it was being loaded on.  The logistics of the loading operation was one of the most critical tasks because they had to be loaded all night long to stage deployments which had to run from sun up to sun down to maximize barge efficiency. 

One of several rows of Goliath molds set up for a night pour.

Smaller sized 'layer cakes' just out of the mold....the amount of sand used in the mold makes it hard to tell how tall the modules really are.

One can get a clear view of the "cone" anchoring system under the Reef Ball which is monolithically cast into the Reef Balls.



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