PROJECT TITLE:            Tourism Restoration Project & Demonstration of Coral Restoration for dynamite fishing blast holes.


LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia




TIMELINE: Molds and training phase I for one week, Coral Plantings phase II one week after a 3 month artificial reef construction time.


PROJECT AIMS. Bali High Diving operates on of the most popular diving platforms in Bali.  They had intended to build a Reef Ball artificial reef with the new coral propagation technology and had contacted us just before the October bombings.  The terrorist bombs have killed the Bali tourism industry, and Bali High Diving had to let go of several of their SCUBA instructors.  They no longer have the resources to conduct the project.  This project aims to provide them with those resources and to help them to re-attract tourists to Bali.  A secondary goal is to demonstrate how Reef Balls could be used to restore pockets of dead coral reefs where past dynamite fishing left scars on the seafloor beds. 

purpose-built pontoon Bali Hai Cruises

BUDGET: $40,000


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation


Left: Dive platform where Reef Balls would be deployed