PROJECT TITLE:            Barbados Marine Trust Project


LOCATION: Barbados    


PROPOSAL DATE: Spring/summer 2006


TIMELINE: 1 week project                


PROJECT AIMS:  The Barbados Marine Trust did a Reef Ball demonstration project in 2004 that has reached the required one-year anniversary for it to be evaluated by the government as acceptable technology.  The Reef Balls were quite a success.  Now, the Reef Ball Foundation would like to train the Barbados Marine Trust on how to plant the Reef Balls with propagated corals so they can move the technology demonstration to the next level.


BUDGET: $15,000 for coral transplant supplies and two trainers.


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation    


Left: Reef Balls in Barbados, Below: Reef Balls being made in Barbados.