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Reef Ball Project
In November 2004, the Tourism Development Cooperation of Barbados donated $27000 to aid in the scientific monitoring and the development of the reef ball site. Their contribution will help us to determine the changes that are occurring at the the reef ball pilot site.
Reef Ball Pictures (July 9th 2004)
The Barbados Marine Trust has recently placed 30 reef balls into the water on the South Coast. Above are pictures of the transportation from the  Flour Mill to the underwater site. The reef will be named after Mr. Willard King, a fisherman of the South Coast who contributed greatly to the fishing community in the Hastings area. Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): Peter Allard, the British High Commission, Charles Blades, James Blades, Leif Brandel, Recycling Preparation Inc. and Tim Curtis of Swiss Re. Special thanks to Preconco Ltd. for the construction of the reef balls.
The main objectives of the project are:
• To improve the marine environment for present and future generations and in particular to increase the biodiversity in the area.
• To improve the species variety and population density of all marine life, fish, corals sponges etc. in the area.
• To use local knowledge and experience to restore the ailing marine environment in the most cost effective manner · The ecological enhancement of the area.
• To mimic the natural environment in an area which is the least polluted in Barbados.
• To create an environment which will enhance the “Food Fish” population of the area.
• To create an awareness of the marine environment and to use the local Fishing Community /Diving /Dive Boat/ Cruise Operators/ Pleasure Craft operators/ Water Sports Operators/Hotels/ as “Reef Police” to ensure the success of the project.
• To use this project as a means of monitoring reef development for future generations.
“Reef Balls/ Artificial Reef Systems ” have been tried and tested worldwide and the results have been well documented. They are easy to construct and the materials and labour required are available locally.
Barbados Marine Trust
Reef balls/Artificial reefs are individually created, specially treated, concrete modules designed to attract marine life to a specific area. They are deployed in groups of varying numbers and sizes, and are resistant to both the physical, chemical and human interference. They are constructed with the natural environment in mind and have a life span of approximately 500 years. Specially designed moulds are used to construct the reef balls and these moulds, once purchased are re-usable for at least 8 years.

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Tourism Development Cooperation of Barbados donates $27000 to aid in the scientific monitoring and the development of the reef ball site.

The Reef Balls are underwater and are already frequented by fish such as parrotfish, sergeant majors, ocean surgeons, trumpetfish and much more !