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Special Thanks To The Following Reef Ball Sponsors:

Unsung Hero Awards:

Reef Balls Being Placed At Sand Dollar Condominium

Ball 1:  The Weterrings Family
Ball 2:  Carl Rudnick and Jeannine Hawk
Ball 3:  Junny Junga
Ball 4:  Sharon Cipolla
Ball 5:  Barry Gross
Ball 6:  Linda Pfaff
Ball 7:  Katie and Tom Kudzma
Ball 8:  Ellyn and Michael  Bernhagen
Ball 9:  Diane Amos and Dee Lawrence
Ball 10:  Lea Von Kaenel
Ball 11:  Frans and Perry Weterrings (SNARF)
Ball 12:  Robert Wood (Bob Esponja)
Ball 14:  Tom and Rachel McAllister
Ball 15:
Ball 16:

Reef Balls Being Placed At Boca Slagbaai

Ball 17: 
Ball 18:
Ball 19:
Ball 20:
Ball 21:

We all want to thank the enthusiasm and hard work by Ben and the Sand Dollar maintenance crew whose efforts, laughter and sense of adventure made the construction of these reef balls possible!