NAME:            Doug Suitor


DATE:             July 15, 2005


COUNTY:       Collier


PHONE:          239-213-2953


CELL:             239-289-9729




CHANGES FROM FWC:       Environmental Services Department, no SunCom number, mobile number is actually cell number


CURRENT PROJECTS:       Has long-term commitment to deploy approximately 3,000 tons of construction and demolition debris from county landfill paid for by Solid Waste program. Did not apply for FWC grant in 2005-06. Currently applying to Corps to renew 3 permitted sites. Plans to apply for FWC construction grant in 2006-07.


A single deployment of 15 Eternals Reefs has been made in Collier County.


OTHER COMMENTS:          Wants to use Reef Balls in future projects – see below


FOLLOW-UP:             Doug will be applying for a Corps/DEP permit to build a snorkeling trail approximately 500 feet long. Is building a reef with limestone as mitigation for hard bottom destruction during beach renourishment and wants to have a snorkeling trail of Reef Balls to it. Discussed Marsha/Lorna’s trail signs.


                                    Also interested in putting reef balls with channel markers. Referred him to Mike Solum for details on permits, contracting requirements etc.