David J Lennon

Senior Environmental Consultant

1/71 Ormond Rd, ELWOOD, VIC 3184,  Australia 

+61 (0)3 9531 3162  /  M: 0403-95-8804



Master of Science

Environmental Management

Griffith University, 1994


Bachelor of Science

Oceanographic Technology, Florida Institute of Technology, USA, 1989



Current Position:

Principal, David J Lennon & Associates, Marine and Environmental Consultants


Special Certificates:

§          Australian Reef Ball Contractor

§          Commercial Diver (air and mixed gas)

§          Nitrox Instructor, Gas Blender, Service Technician

§          PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

§          Hazardous Waste Management

§          Response and Rehabilitation of Oil Affected Wildlife

§         Diesel Technician




§          Member Australian Coral Reef Society

§          Member Australian Marine Conservation Society (management committee for 2 yrs)


Fields of Expertise:

§          Project Design and Management

§          Co-ordination of multi-national teams

§          International Projects (particularly Middle East)

§          Environmental Impact Assessments – design, implementation and management

§          Habitat Enhancement Programs for impact mitigation or restoration/remediation, artificial reef design, site selection, construction and monitoring

§          Environmental Monitoring - including innovative sampling design

§          Environmental Management Plans – dredging, catchment, stormwater, canal estates

§          Training, marketing, business planning

§          Oil spill control and impact assessment – boom deployment, cleanup and monitoring techniques







Key Skills and Experience

I have worked for the last 12 years in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, US, and Cyprus for a range of employers including major consultancies (SKM, Halliburton KBR), a research institute, government departments (local councils and EPA), universities, industry, and community groups.  I have planned and managed marine projects since I was 19 when I started work as a commercial diver.  My main focus has been coastal ecosystems including their monitoring, mapping, and enhancement by the creation of responsibly designed artificial reefs to improve development value and/or remediate construction impacts.  I was the key consultant and trainer for the launch of an artificial reef project for PT Newmont, a US gold mine in Indonesia, and this project is now the largest non-government reef in the world.


I have contributed to numerous impact studies in Australia and overseas, including several environmental impact statements with a capital value of A$1 billion each.  I bring to each project an innovative approach, and while with SKM managed the R&D initiative of the Brisbane office, which resulted in significant capitalisation of intellectual property.


Recently I co-ordinated a A$2.4 million United Nations commissioned investigation into the impact of the Gulf War on Saudi coral reefs.  This included liaising with and co-ordinating coral experts from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).  My seven years of childhood in the Middle East has given me a deep understanding of local customs, and how to work with multi-national teams.


I am currently conducting a study for the Peel Harvey Catchment Council (WA) to recommend strategies for enhancing the marine habitat of local waterways and canal developments.



Articles on marine topics in a range of publications for a diverse audience.  Numerous presentations to government and non-government organisations and community groups.


Marital Status:                         Citizenship:

Single                                                     Australian + UK


Contact Details:

1/71 Ormond Rd





Mob: 0403 95 8804




March 2003 – Present

David J Lennon & Associates

q         Marine Habitat Enhancement – Peel Region – (Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Inc, WA).  Feasibility study and recommendations for marine habitat enhancement of canal estates and natural waterways, including a financial plan and implementation program.


September 2002 – February 2003

Saudi Company for Environmental Works – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

q         Coral Reef Surveys in Support of the Marine and Coastal Damage Assessment – Project Co-ordinator.  UN commissioned study (A$2.4 million) to investigate impact of Gulf War.  Duties included finalisation of contracts with Australian and Saudi contractors, preparation of Quality Management Plans, co-ordination of all logistics and preparation of reports for the UN Compensation Commission.  


November 2001 – August 2002

Halliburton KBR (Brisbane)

q         Business development

q         Environmental Health Assessment and Management Plan of Mayes-Tuckers Canals – (Maroochy Shire Council).  Sampling of waters, sediments and fauna, community consultation, and preparation of management plans.


April 2001 – November 2002

Self-employed (Brisbane)

q         Monthly Water Quality Sampling, Forest Lake – contract work for Lambert and Rehbein.

q         Investigation of Permit Requirements and Work Involved to deploy the HMAS Brisbane navy ship as a diving attraction off the Sunshine Coast– (State Development Sunshine Coast, & Sunshine Coast Artificial Reef Group).


January 1998 – March 2001

Sinclair Knight Merz (Brisbane)

q         Environmental Evaluation of the Impact of Effluent Discharge on local Creeks – (Noosa Council) – assessment of impact on aquatic fauna and flora as well as potential health risk.  Comprehensive sampling of fauna, flora, sediments, surface water, and groundwater.

q         Artificial Reef Site Assessment (Dept. of Premier and Cabinet) – preliminary assessment of benthic habitats and wave climate at proposed locations for sinking of the HMAS Brisbane navy destroyer to create a diving reef off the Sunshine Coast.  Project Manager.

q         Artificial Reef (Caloundra City Council) – impact assessment and preliminary design of artificial reefs for improving swimming conditions along an open coast.  Included environmental impacts, wave climate assessment, and also diving reef options.  Project Manager.

q         North Sulawesi - Marine Habitat Enhancement Program – (PT Newmont Minahasa Raya).  Community project funded by local gold mine to improve local fisheries.  Included site assessment, training on construction of ‘Reef Ball’ concrete reef modules, deployment methodology and reef configurations. Now the largest non-government Reef Ball reef in the world. www.artificialreefs.org/photogallery/ptnewmount/ptnewmont.

q         Newport Waterways Baseline Monitoring Program (Transtate) – project manager for 12 month baseline monitoring of Newport Canal development.  Program includes water quality sampling, sediment sampling, benthic fauna, terrestrial fauna and flora, permanent mangrove plots, regular reporting and input to management plans.

q         Newport Waterways Canal Estate (Transtate) – environmental management plans for development of Balance Area.

q         Swan Lake Gold Coast (Gold Coast City Council) – project manager for water quality studies to determine causes and solutions.  Complex catchment issues identified, and recommended options and costings for water quality improvement provided.

q         Oxley Ck Fish Survey for Proposed Weir (Logan City Council) – one-off fish survey and recommendations for the need of a fishway on a proposed weir.

q         Christmas Island Satellite Launch Facility, (Asia Pacific Space Centre) – Impact Assessment.  Responsible for impact assessment of marine habitats and waters, including drop zones, oil platforms and shipping hazards.  Included development of preferred drop zones and environmental management plans.

q         Gulf of Carpentaria Marine Habitat Classification and Mapping Project, QDEH – habitat surveys (incl. underwater photo-documentation) and development of classification system to characterise marine habitats around the Wellesley Islands for marine conservation planning. 

q         Stuart Oil Shale Project (Southern Pacific Petroleum Development) – Stage 2 Impact Assessment.  Expert Reviewer of marine impacts including water quality and fauna and flora. 

q         Stuart Oil Shale Project (Southern Pacific Petroleum Development) – Stage 2/3 Environmental Scoping Study of open cut mine and petroleum refinery.  Responsible for determining impact to marine habitats such as intertidal areas, mangroves and subtidal habitats and fauna.  Developed a direct impact matrices to help assess the numerous options and mining sequences possible.

q         Bundaberg 2000+ EIS (Multiplex) – major EIS for the construction of a new sugar mill, pulp mill, road-rail bridge and barge docking facility.  Project Manager for marine and freshwater impacts.

q         Kogan Creek Power Station (Southern Company) – Impact Assessment for $1 billion power station.  Involved in project from start to finish.  Responsible for data collection, writing of numerous sections such as stormwater management, water resources, geology and soils, groundwater, environmental management plans, and management and data entry for 1-800 community consultation number. 

q         Kogan Creek Transmission Line (Southern Company) – Impact Assessment of 30 km transmission line from power station to main grid.

q         Millmerran Power Project IAS (InterGen) – document reviewer and editor of water resource and soil sections in the IAS for the $1.3 billion project.

q         Quantitative mangrove and qualitative coral assessment for proposed resort development on St Bees Island.  Data collection and report preparation.

q         Clarence River Breakwater (NSW Dept of Land and Water Conservation) – review of environmental factors, specifically marine, and production of environmental management plans for repair and extension of existing breakwater.

q         Twin Waters Resort (Novotel) – project manager of field investigations to assess acid drainage from acid sulphate soils.  Preparation of management plan and recommendations for golf course area and associated lakes. 

q         Tangalooma Resort Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade – production of compliance monitoring program and environmental management plans for discharge of treated sewage to marine waters.

q         Burnett Heads Boat Harbour EMP (Queensland Transport) – project manager for field investigations as part of development of environmental management plans.  Included assessment of biota and community consultation.

q         Stormwater Review and Management Plan (Sunstate Cement) – assessment of existing stormwater management plan, receiving environment, drainage water quality, for runoff from gypsum and blast furnace slag stockpile.  Identification of deficiencies and development of stormwater management plan.

q         Production of Oil Water Separator Guidelines, QDEH.  Guidelines to be used for Waste Management Officers assessing industry for compliance.

q         Environmental Management System preparation for Darwin, Alice Springs and Coolangatta airports.

q         Review of Dune Issues (private land owner) – review of Council plans to reclaim dune area for beach erosion protection, Gold Coast.

q         Griffith Eco Centre (Griffith University) – project manager for development of a Business Strategy for Australia’s first eco-technology centre, a $1.8 million facility designed to be a working showcase for environmental technologies and link with industry, public and university researchers.  Required recommendation of key success factors, financial model, and key input to centre design.

q         Yamba Sewage Treatment Plant EIS (NSW Dept of Public Works and Services).  Expert Reviewer of water quality sections.

q         State of Environment, Inland Waters State of Environment Report (Environment Australia) – assistance with provision of water quality databases managed by various agencies.

q         Review of Environmental Factors and Environmental Management Plan, Burnett Heads Boat Harbour, Queensland Transport.

q         Investigation and recommendations to reduce Colloidal and Siltation Problems, Swan Lake Gold Coast, included catchment management recommendations.

q         Planning and Operational Guidelines for Ecotourism and Nature-based Tourism Operations, QTTC.  Expert reviewer.

1995 – December 1997

Self-employed – Green Marine International (Brisbane)

q         I launched GMI to help initiate, develop, manage and promote innovative environmental products, programs and events. 

q         Green MARINES (Moreton Bay Marine Park, in progress) – development and provision of professional environmental tour guides called Green MARINES that are available for hire by tour operators wishing to start new tours, or add value to existing ones.

q         Marine Habitat Enhancement Programs – promoting the design and construction of effective and unique concrete artificial reefs using US patented 'Reef Ball' concrete modules.  Programs for snorkelling/diving and fishing reefs.

q         Southern Cross Underwater Trail - (Mooloolaba) – concept design and provision of concrete Reef Ball modules for an underwater trail off Mooloolaba and supported by Underwater World.

q         Down by the River Festival  (John Aitken Productions, Aug '97) – develop and coordinate the environmental and aquatic aspects of the annual Brisbane Down by the River Festival, attended by approximately 80 000 people over two days.

q         25th Ramsar Wetlands Convention  (AMCS, March '96) - Key Coordinator for 200 volunteers that played a crucial role in the successful running of the convention and morning field trips.  The convention was attended by 1000 delegates from over 100 countries and was the largest environmental convention ever hosted by Australia.  Responsible for selection of task coordinators, rosters, training, overall organisation, and final report with recommendations for future reference.

q         Underwater Research Group of Qld  (Brisbane, ongoing) – surveys and monitoring of the Curtin Artificial Reef and mapping of Flinders Reef (mooring plan).

q         National Volunteer Diver Monitoring Program – initiated a Commonwealth grant for the Australian Marine Conservation Society to set up a central database and standardised methodology for divers to monitor their dive sites around Australia.

q         ECOS Consulting  (Brisbane, Nov-Dec 1996) – preparation of Preliminary Environmental Advice for a new Woodside Petroleum offshore field development (Northwest Shelf).

q         Temporary Conservation Officer (Part time) – Queensland Dept. of Environment.  Assessment of applications for permits to conduct activities in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

q         Environmental Consultant (WBM Oceanics) – impact assessment of proposed canal development –– site survey with report written to characterise and assess significance of aquatic fauna and flora of the site. 



Cyprus - Self-employed Environmental Consultant

q         Impact of Seacage Aquaculture - EU funded project.  Setup of sampling transects and first stage of sampling using sediment traps, hand cores and still photography.

q         Octopus Gardens (CYDIVE Pty Ltd) - design and establishment of the world's first 'Octopus Gardens'.  Extremely successful habitats specifically designed to attract octopus to entertain and help educate sport divers about marine life.  Project included a complete package of design, construction, fauna/flora surveys, monitoring methodology and media releases.  Similar programs now running in Australia.


1990 – 1993

Saudi Arabia – KFUPM Research Institute (Dhahran)

q         Research Scientist – Research Institute (300+ employees, 90 PhD's).  Awarded "outstanding" for all annual performance evaluations.

q         Field operations manager for monthly maintenance of wave gauges and current meters in the Safaniya and Marjan oil fields.  Data transfer and analysis.

q         Task leader for sediment transport and beach erosion study under the Saudi Aramco contract.  Responsible for data collection and analysis and writing of final report.

q         Co-ordinator of sampling to determine impact of discharging and non‑discharging oil platforms.

q         Gulf War Oil Spill:

-             ocean and harbour boom deployment

-             shoreline impact assessment

-             consultant to cleanup operations

-             established monitoring programs of oiled mangroves, intertidal, and salt marshes.

q         Construction of artificial reefs made from materials of opportunity to enhance beach fishing.

q         Development of short training courses on boat handling and basic troubleshooting of outboards.


1989 – 1990

USA - Continental Shelf Associates (Florida)

q         Oceanographic Technician

q         Shell, Chevron, and Texaco - surveys of potential or past oil rig sites in the Gulf of Mexico.  Required the use of specialised camera sleds and scuba diving to collect sediment samples for infauna and metal analysis.

q         Bathymetric surveys of inlets, lakes, and harbours to advise dredging operations.  Stress analysis of a nuclear power plant seawater intake structure using accelerometers, current meters and wave gauges.




Moderate Arabic (speak only)


Publications and Presentations:

Ability to write for a diverse audience and a range of publications such as newspapers, magazines, training manuals and scientific journals.


q         Lennon, D.J. (Sum. 96/97).  ‘Artificial Reefs Don't Have to be Big!  Waves, Newsletter of the Marine & Coastal Community Network, Vol. 3, No. 4, PO Box 3139, Yeronga Qld 4104.

q         Lennon, D.J. (May 1996).  Curtin Artificial Reef Research.  Dive Log, Mountain, Ocean & Travel Publications, PO Box 167, Narre Warren  Vic  3805.

q         Lennon, D.J. (March 1996).  Seminars for Environment. Dive Log, Mountain, Ocean & Travel Publications, PO Box 167, Narre Warren  Vic  3805.

q         Lennon, D.J. (March/April 1996).  ‘Moving In? Octopus Gardens Downunder’.  Scuba Diver, Yaffa Publishing Group, 17-21 Bellevue Street, Surrey Hills NSW  2010.

q         Lennon, D.J. (ed) (in progress).  ‘The Curtin Artificial Reef – Past and Present: A complete guide to Australia's largest artificial reef’.  The Underwater Research Group of Queensland, 24 Pulle Street, Yeerongpilly, Qld  4106,  Australia.

q         Lennon, D.J. (1995).  ‘How Wetlands Remove Contaminants’.  Underwater Geographic,  July-August.  Neville Coleman-PADI Aware, Springwood, Qld, Australia. 

q         Lennon, D.J. (1994).  ‘How Wetlands Remove Contaminants’.  Bulletin of the Australian Littoral Society, Vol. 17, No. 1.

q         Lennon, D.J. (1994).  ‘The Value of the Curtin Artificial Reef to the Sport Diving Industry – Survey of Brisbane Dive Centres’.  The Underwater Research Group of Queensland, 24 Pulle Street, Yeerongpilly  Qld  4106, Australia.

q         McCain, J.C., Qurban, M., Lennon, D.J., and Chesterton, N.J. (1993)

q         ‘Remediation of salt marshes after the 1991 Gulf Oil Spill’.  Arabian Journ. Sci. and Engin., Vol. 18, No. 2, pp 257-267

q         Lennon, D.J. (1992).  ‘If you can't get to the Reef...bring the Reef to you’.  A guide to the construction of Artificial Reefs.  Distributed by myself to local dive clubs in Saudi Arabia to help clubs build more effective artificial reefs.

q         Work in Saudi included the writing and proof reading of numerous reports produced for Saudi Aramco.  For example:

q         sediment transport study of Abu Ali Bay;

q         shoreline erosion study threatening the Safaniya oil refinery;

q         taxonomic keys for the identification of marine mammals, turtles, herons, egrets, and terns found in the Arabian Gulf region.



q         Numerous presentations to government departments regarding progress and issues of EIS’.

q         Presentations to stakeholders, including local community on projects.

q         Guest speaker, Griffith University – Obtaining and Conducting Marine Work (March 1997).

q         Wildlife Preservation Society – Artificial Reefs - present and future (1997).

q         Fish and Fisheries Discussion Group – Artificial Reefs, U of Q (September 1996).

q         The Value of the Curtin Artificial Reef to the Sport Diving Industry.  Results of survey presented at the 40th anniversary function of the Underwater Research Group of Queensland.

q         Slide presentations on the Gulf War Oil Spill

q         Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research Workshop, Bahrain

q         Florida Institute of Technology, USA


Personal Interests

Freediving, underwater photography, composing film scores, drumming, personal development,

meditation, pets and nature in general.





Lynne Wilbraham

Senior State Development Officer, Sunshine Coast

Queensland Government – State Development


07 5470-9409




Dr Hugh Sweatman

Long Term Monitoring Program

Australian Institute of Marine Science,


07 4753 4470 / +61 747 534470




Mr Tariq Babtain

Director, Saudi Company for Environmental Works

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


+966-3 898 0993




Christine Steer

Manager, Environmental & Cultural Development

Peel Development Commission, WA


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