Marc Damon


210 East University Blvd, Ap#5

Melbourne, FL, 32901

Phone: (321) 409 8826


Skills Summary

Diving:  Advance PADI certified.

Software: Auto CAD, Matlab, Micosoft Office

Languages: fluent in French and English, speck Spanish.

Lab Research: Worked in Oceanl Engineering Lab, Florida Institute of Technology



Work Experience


September 2001- Present: Student assistant

            Ocean Engineering Lab, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL.

Instrumentation maintenance, wave and weather data collection and processing for Sebastian Inlet District, Martin, and Stuart Counties.


Summers 2001-2002-2003 :  Camp Instructor

Three weeks snorkeling camp for kids. Teaching snorkeling skills and organizing activities.





September 2001- Present:  Florida Institute of Technology, FL.

            Ocean Engineering. Masters in progress

Courses include: Coastal Processes, Wave Dynamics, Coastal Structures, Bathymetry, Port and Harbor, and Corrosion.

Graduate Thesis: Revision of existing methods for analyzing Directional Waves and their improvement for complete spectra approach. Research including computer modeling of the wave energy dissipation at Sebastian Inlet, Florida.


September 1999- August 2001:  Florida institute of Technology, FL.

            Ocean Engineering. Bachelor Degree

Courses include: Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Fluids, Materials, and Structures.


September 1997- August 1998:  Euro American Institute of Technology, Nice, France

            Ocean Engineering. Frenchmen @ Sophomore Bachelor

Courses include Calculus III, Physics II



Special Projects:


April 2003

Monitoring of rail road ties artificial reef deployment,. Project including after-deployment survey for fish count and reef structure evaluation.


December 2001 and 2002

Monitoring of RIB (Rapidly Installed Breakwater) deployment in Cape Canaveral.

Assisted for the third and Fourth revision of the project.


May 2002- Jully 2002  

Natural Reef survey between Sebastian Inlet and Vero Beach, Florida. Survey including measurement of reef height, depth () and three dimension computer model of the reef. This project was part of a thesis studying the correlation between reef parameters and beach erosion.