Personal Data:                      Birthdate:         December 2, 1954      Height: 5’ 7” (1.7 m)

                                                Weight:            145 ponds (67 kg)       Marital Status: Divorced

                                                Citizenship:     American and Canadian

                                                Languages:     English and Spanish


Address:                                 3424 Old St. Augustine Road, Suite H

                                                Tallahassee, Florida  32311-5322

                                                850.514.2189  phone/fax

                                                850.433.7652  cellular



Education:                             Florida State University - Course in Marine Fisheries Ecology 1996


                                                Master of Forestry (Forest Entomology)                                1982

                                                University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada


                                                Bachelor of Science   (minor in Forest Entomology) 1979

                                                Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon U.S.A.


Areas of Interest:                  All aspects of scientific research with emphasis on marine ecology and fishery                                                      population dynamics


Awards:                                  D.S. McPhee Fellowship (University of British Columbia  - 1980-81)

                                                Senior Grant (Oregon State University  - 1978-79)

                                                Xi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honors Society - 1977-79)



Experience:                           Open Water SCUBA Instructor (1992-94)

                                                Instructor, B.C. Ministry of Forests Pesticide Applicator’s Course (1988-89)

                                                Instructor - Forest Entomology (University of New Caledonia 1982-83)

                                                Teaching Assistant (University of British Columbia 1979-81)


Professional                          American Fisheries Society, Florida Chapter (1995 - present)

Memberships:                       Center for Marine Conservation (1996 - present)

                                                The Nature Conservancy (1997 - present)


Publications:                         See attached list


Employment History:            President, Marine Habitats, Inc.

                                                3424 Old St. Augustine Road, Suite H

                                                Tallahassee, Florida  32311-5322

                                                850.514.2189  phone/fax

                                                850.433.7652  cellular


                                                August 2001 - present


            Responsibilities include designing and implementing the socio-economic protocols for SCUBA diver/snorkeler/angler user pressure/location monitoring for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Special Projects Office. Currently under contract for the pre-deployment monitoring for the U.S.S. Hoyt S. Vandenberg project in Key West, Florida and the U.S.S. Spiegel Grove project in Key Largo, Florida. Also under contract to the Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. to complete a compilation of geographical coordinates for 66 permitted artificial reef sites and all reef deployments within these sites located throughout southwest Florida. Additional services offered include environmental permitting, preparation of artificial reef management plans for local coastal governments and assistance in preparation of artificial reef guidelines for appropriate materials from the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission.



                                                Environmental Specialist III, Artificial Reef Program

                                                Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

                                                Division of Marine Fisheries

                                                Bureau of Marine Fisheries Management

                                                620 South Meridian Street, Box MF-MFM

                                                Tallahassee, Florida  32399-1600

                                                October 1994 – August 2001


            Responsibilities include administration of grants-in-aid to local coastal governments ($600,000 to $1.1 million annually); development of grant applications forms and procedures; development of research and monitoring studies; operation and maintenance of a 22 foot Boston Whaler; review of state and federal permit applications for marine projects; maintenance of large databases; provide technical assistance to local coastal governments and the public; liaison with the Atlantic and Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commissions; and assist in public outreach educational programs.



                                                Biological Scientist I, Myakka Wild and Scenic River

                                                Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection

                                                Division of Recreation and Parks

                                                1843 South Tamiami Trail

                                                Osprey, Florida  34229

                                                March 1993 - October 1994


            Responsibilities included the design and implementation of a volunteer water quality monitoring program; data analysis; establishment of a citizen’s support organization; biological monitoring of river fauna; conducting public meetings of the Myakka River Coordinating Council; member of the Rodman Reservoir Task Force; establishment of slow speed zones for boaters; operation and maintenance of a 16 foot aluminum skiff; and installation of cautionary signs along the river.


                                                SCUBA Instructor

                                                Jim’s Dive Shop

                                                9385-C Bay Pines Boulevard

                                                St. Petersburg, Florida  33708

                                                March 1991 - March 1993


            Responsibilities included teaching open water SCUBA classes; interior remodeling of showroom; repair and maintenance of SCUBA equipment; and captaining charter trips to the Florida Middle Grounds.



                                                TFM Forestry, Ltd.

                                                P. O. Box 364

                                                Kamloops, B.C.  Canada  V2C 5K9

                                                July 1986 - November 1990


            Responsibilities included the design and implementation of contract research studies for the federal and provincial governments; submission of          applications for scientific grants; development of management plans;             supervision of 4 -12 employees; preparation of scientific publications; and completion of short term contracts for private landowners.


                                                Regional Forest Entomologist

                                                B.C. Ministry of Forests

                                                515 Columbia Street

                                                Kamloops, B.C.  Canada  V2c 2T7

                                                June 1985 - July 1986


            Responsibilities included providing technical assistance to District and Regional staff; coordination of all pest management control activities throughout the Kamloops Forest Region; design, and delivery of training programs; development of pest management policy; and instructing a pesticide applicator’s training course.


                                                Forest Entomologist

                                                Northwood Pulp and Timber, Ltd.

                                                P. O. Box 9000

                                                Prince George, B.C.  Canada  V2L 4W2

                                                June 1981 - June 1985


            Responsibilities included the development of pest control strategies for all company operations on 1.2 million acres; design and implementation of a large scale detection, control and salvage program for the spruce bark beetle; implementation of research trials to develop new and innovative pest control techniques; development of training programs for company staff.





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Shore, T.L. P.M. Hall and T.F. Maher  1989  Grid baiting of spruce stands with frontalin for pre-harvest             containment of the spruce beetle, Dendroctonus rufipennis  Journal of Applied Entomology 109: 315-      319


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Maher, T.F.  1990  Damage appraisal and Pheromone Trapping Studies for the Black Army Cutworm in British Columbia.  FRDA Report No.117, Ministry of Forests, Research Branch, Victoria, B.C. Canada    15 pages


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