Curacao Reef Ball Projects

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Curacao Coral Team Training Project

8monthcuracaoupdate  |  Total images: 6
Early monitoring of natural recruits (circled in pink) and planted coral plugs. 8.5 months after installation in Curacao at Portamari


Curacao  |  Total images: 67
First visit to Curacao in June 2000 to present the project concept to Portamari. Just site seeing and people shots.
curacaoplanting2  |  Total images: 118
Planting propogated corals in Curacao in Feb. 20002 at Portamari.
Curacao-land  |  Total images: 34
Just people pictures and site seeing pictures from the Feb. 2002 Reef Ball Board of Directors Meeting in Curocao.
Curacao-underwater  |  Total images: 72
Feb 2002 underwater shots and survey of coral disease and algae overgrowth threats in the area.


curocaodec2002  |  Total images: 99
Dec 2002 underwater survey of coral plugs and natural coral recruits by Marjo van den Bulck


curocaosummer2003  |  Total images: 104
July 2003 underwater survey of coral plugs and natural coral recruits by Marjo van den Bulck

Latest Pictures July 20004 (Monitoring of propagated and planted corals)
-Foto's Cluster 12 East 12-07-04
-Foto's Cluster 12 East 12-07-04(2)
-Foto's Cluster 18 East 07-07-04
-Foto's Cluster 18 East 07-07-04(2)
-Foto's Cluster West 18-07-04
-Foto's Cluster West 18-07-04 (2)
-Foto's Cluster West 18-07-04 (3)

Authorized Contractor for the Area

PortoMari is an "acting" authorized contractor for Curacao meaning they are willing to build Reef Balls for others on the island but not actively marketing as a contractor.  Contact Paul Other Project Contacts: "Marjo vd Bulck" <

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