August 19, 1997


Kathy Kirbo

The Reef Ball Foundation


Ken Weemhoff

Spanish River High School

Artificial Reef Construction Project Sponsor

(561) 393-4752 fax (561) 393-4656


Dear Ken,


            The Reef Ball Foundation would be happy to grant a one year extension to the artificial reef construction and deployment class at Spanish River High School as long as you operate under the requirements of our grant program. I agree that you did an excellent job promoting the program and hope you will continue to do so.


 Grant Requirements:



Video monitoring:

1 baseline video at this time

1 video in winter (January/February)

1 video at the end of May


Number of balls deployed:

50 balls deployed (If 50 balls are deployed your entire deposit of $1500 will be returned)

24 balls deployed ( If 24 balls are deployed, $500 of your deposit will be returned)

You may also choose to keep only 1  mold. If you deployed 24 balls your full deposit will be returned. If you deploy 12 balls one half of your deposit will be returned.


*The molds must be returned by the end of June 1998


                Our requirements are implemented to achieve our mission of getting as many balls in the water as we can and video monitoring is essential to track our progress. We hope that this year's program will be a great success for you. Please call if you have any questions regarding the grant requirements.





                                                                                                Kathy Kirbo