Wednesday, July 30, 2003


My name is Sue DeBlois and I am a high school science teacher in Vero Beach Florida I would like to implement a reef ball program with my students. I have been in touch with Todd Barber and instructed to contact you. Todd also helped lead me in the right direction for regulatory approval (- Indian River County Artificial Reef Coordinator is right in my town and I will contact tomorrow). I have contacted Tallahassee and Aquatic Preserve people and am waiting for a reply and direction. 


I would like to have my 100 or so environmental science students construct and deploy reef balls with help from community members. My classes last year earned non-diving specialties from PADI in Project AWARE, and this year I want to go beyond that learning into hands on learning with a purpose. I am seeking approval to deploy reef balls in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Indian River Lagoon. 


Certainly I need one mold to get started, with four molds being an ideal number as each class could be working at the same time. Todd Barber indicated the low pro mold for the 2' x18" reef ball would be appropriate for the project I have in mind.  


I work at Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach Florida. The school phone # is 772 564-4820, my classroom # is 772 564-4737. School starts Aug. 18, 2003 so I won't be there for a while, but I need to get started asap. I am not sure what the total cost of this project will be yet. I need to hear from the regulatory people and find out just how much I am allowed to do. At that point I guess I will call Todd to see what all the costs would be. Do you have any suggestions for me? 



Thank you,


Sue DeBlois