Kuwait Reef Ball Projects

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Mold Owners

The Kuwait Reef Ball Company has 1 Ultra, 1 Pallet, 1 Bay, 1 Mini-Bay, and 1 Lo-Po mold for commerical use under authorized contractor license from the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division  They have also ordered a Goliath sized mold.  

One of the The Kuwait Dive Teams, mistakenly built some imitation "reef ball" molds (made of steel) because they did not understand our licensing guidelines.  They were granted permission to use these molds for non-commercial use only for the club until Reef Ball gained representation in the area.   As of 6/2003, Kuwait Reef Ball Company will supply the Kuwait Dive Team's Reef Ball needs and the old "molds" will be retired.

Other Stuff:

Faisal Al Omani falomani@hotmail.com represents a group of individuals that enjoy building reefs and helping the Kuwait oceanic ecosystems. 

"Dr. Jasem Almudhaf" <iccicc@mail.com> Expressed an early interested in representing Reef Balls in Kuwait and in helping Reef Ball to protect intellectual property in Kuwait.

Fahad y. Al Fahad is with the Kuwait Dive Team <k_d_t@hotmail.com>

Authorized Contractors for the Area

Kuwait Reef Ball Company
P O Box 29643
Safat 13157, Kuwait

Tel: 00 965 2465962/9385681

Mike Symns – General Manager

Email: info@kuwaitreefball.com



(German Version)

Company for integrated sea and coastal research and authorized Reef Ball Contractor

Dipl.-Biol. Thomas Meyer
Wischhofstraße 1-3, Building 11
24148 Kiel

FON: +49 (0) 431 72070 81
FAX: +49 (0) 431 72070 85

Email: marilim@reefball.com 



Andy Wilson from the The Scientific Center of Kuwait (Marine Aquarium) has joined the Reef Ball Coral Reef Rescue Team. Andrew Wilson <andy@tsck.org.kw> He will be assisting Reef Ball Kuwait with Coral Transplants and Coral Propagation in Kuwait and on international assignments.  


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