John C. Walch

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Healthy coral reefs are an essential component to tourism on coastal locations. Designed artificial reef systems (Reef Balls) are a proven means of rehabilitation of negatively impacted reefs or even the creation of new reefs. In an effort to improve this already successful coral reef management tool, we have developed a comprehensive low-tech method of coral transplanting.

The transplanting of coral fragments onto the artificial reefs bypasses the critical early stages of coral recruitment and accelerates the natural recovery processes. With some recent design changes in the Reef Ball structure a simple low-tech method of coral transplantation is now possible. After a short training secession even unskilled volunteer labor has been highly successfully with this methodology. Thus, opening the possibility of ecology-minded tourist assisting with coral reef restorations projects. Tourist have even planed their vacations around coral reef restoration projects.

Mr. Walch will give a power-point presentation showing existing coral transplant projects and explain how Resort managers, Cruise line operators and Hotel owners along with the environment are benefiting from these projects. Mr. Walch will also demonstrate his unique coral transplanting techniques.