PROJECT TITLE:            La Reunion, Africa Technology Transfer Project


LOCATION: La Reunion Island, Africa


PROPOSAL DATE: Spring 2006


TIMELINE: 14 day training program            


PROJECT AIMS: Dr. Jean Pascal QUOD, Directeur Général, ARVAM (Agency for Research and Protection of Marine Resources) has requested assistance from the Reef Ball Foundation to help his program to build and deploy Reef Ball and to teach them the latest coral propagation and planting techniques.  The aim of this project is to provide molds, transplanting supplies and a training team of two specialists for two weeks.


BUDGET: $25,000, Dr. Pascal would use local funding for cement and construction of the Reef Balls.  Funds would be used for molds, supplies and trainers expenses.


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation    


Above: Dr. Pascal’s coral transplant work on Reef Balls made without a mold