August 8, 2003


Todd Barber, Chairman

Reef Ball Foundation

6916 22nd Street

Bradenton, FL34207



Dear Mr. Barber;


Please accept this letter as Manatee Countyís request to be accepted into the Reefs Around the World Grant Program in order to purchase molds at discounted prices through the Reef Ball Foundation.Manatee County Government (MCG) and the Manatee School Board (MSB) have entered into an Inter-local Agreement, copy attached. The Agreement will allow MCG to provide Reef Ball molds to the MSB, Sara Scott Harllee Middle School (Harllee), for use in an educational program.This program will allow students at Harllee, as well as other Middle and High Schools, to participate in two different environmental programs (habitat enhancement along sea walls (HEASH) and in-shore artificial reefs).The quantity and sizes of molds being requested are ten (10) Oyster Balls and two (2) Lo Pros.These sizes were selected based upon environmental parameters of the primary program, HEASH, and the studentís ability to handle the weight of the Reef Balls.


Manatee County accepts and agrees to comply with the following terms as listed in the 2/24/03 email which is attached.

  1. Monitoring 2 times per year for three years with results reported to the Foundation.
  2. At least one press release indicating that the project is part of the Reef Ball Foundationís Reefs Around the World Grant Program.
  3. The Reef Balls manufactured by this purchase will only be for public or educational use and can only be used along sea walls and in-shore artificial reefs.No Reef Balls made by these molds will be sold, and molds will not be duplicated.


Please feel free to contact me at (941) 742-5980 or by email at if you have any questions or need additional information.





Bob Fluke


Att.:††††† Inter-local Agreement

††††††††††† 2/24/03 email


Cc:†††††† Kathy Kirbo, Reef Ball Foundation

††††††††††† Doug Means, MCEMD

††††††††††† Sharon Granberg, MCEMD