1                  PROJECT TITLE:   Cancun Marine Park Hurricane Wilma Coral Rescue


LOCATION: Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico 


PROPOSAL DATE: Activation of Coral Team required within 3 months for maximum coral rescue efforts…possible for up to one year after storm.


TIMELINE: As soon as can be funded, emergency permits will be issued upon request.


PROJECT AIMS. Cancun was hit hard by Category 5 Hurricane Wilma and an assessment of the Marine Park reveled many corals that were broken off but not yet dead from being on the seabed.  Just prior to the storm, the Marine Park had deployed over 100 Reef Ball with coral adapters available for future planting in case of a ship grounding or hurricane.  Therefore, this project aims to save as many corals as possible and plant them onto the bare Reef Balls.  This project would require activation of the Coral Team and coral rescue supplies.  The team could deploy within 7 days of funding as the team is prepared for emergency activations. 


BUDGET: Coral Team Activation $25,000, Coral rescue supplies $7,500.

Note: Coral Team could be activated with fewer members at a reduced cost with the potential to rescue less corals but to provide training to the marine park.  Team could be activated at much higher levels if funding was available for additional deployment of Reef Balls.  The local contractor that built the original Reef Balls reports his facilities are still in operation so production could begin immediately upon funding.  Overall budget range ($17,500 minimal efforts, $32,500 requested, $300,000 maximum)


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation reefball@reefball.com

Left: Reef Ball off Isla Mujeres that is ten years old showing excellent natural coral growth.




6                  PROJECT TITLE:  Hurricane Wilma Reef Restoration & Dive Enhancement   


LOCATION: Cozumel, Mexico   


PROPOSAL DATE: Spring/Summer 2006


TIMELINE: One week of training then a second week for deployment/coral plantings.                 


PROJECT AIMS. Shortly before Hurricane Wilma hit Cozumel, the area hotel association asked the Reef Ball Foundation to provide them with a proposal to provide Reef Ball molds and training so that the association could build various Reef Ball reefs around the island to enhance snorkeling and diving opportunities.  Funds are no longer available for the project because they have been diverted to hotel repairs.  However, the Reefs are needed biologically more than ever since many of the natural reefs were badly damaged by Wilma.  This project aims to provide the Hotel Association with funding to proceed with their original plans.


BUDGET: $40,000.  Project could be done for $25,000 without planting corals.


PROJECT CONTACT: Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation reefball@reefball.com


Left: Reef Ball in Cozumel with 6 years of natural growth.















8                  PROJECT TITLE: Santa Clara Mega Artificial Reef Demonstration Project


LOCATION: Santa Clara, Yucatan, Mexico (near Merida)


PROPOSAL DATE: Project in Progress


TIMELINE: Next 8-12 Years


PROJECT AIMS: To build and deploy 4000 artificial reef units in 200 different array types to study the impacts of large-scale artificial reefs.  The site is planned for students and scientists who will study and research including CINVESTAV, Yucatan University, UNAM (National University), and private Universities.  It is being conducted by Reef Ball Mexico, an authorized contractor for the Reef Ball Foundation


BUDGET: $200,000 for cement and labor.  Molds, deployment and oversight are being provided by Reef Ball Mexico.


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation reefball@reefball.com          Javier Dajer comsolida@prodigy.net.mx


Above: Reef Ball Mexico has already made thousands and thousands of Reef Balls for British Petroleum local fishermen projects in Campechee and on the Yucatan peninsula.