New Zealand Reef Ball Projects

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Video Jules Unlimited (VARA TV) Reef Ball New Zealand Project. (11 Mb, 7:53 Min.) Shot on location in Naiper, New Zealand, it's the story of a Reef Ball being born and deployed.  In Dutch and English. Aired in Europe March, 2001.

Mold Owners

Dave Allison, 12 Milton Road, Naiper, New Zealand was shipped one Pallet Ball and One Bay Ball mold for Reef Ball New Zealand's use under a Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division authorized contractor agreement on 02/11/2000.

Other Information

Dr. Shaw Mead
PO Box 151
+64 7 825 0380

"Stuart Cawker" <>

Coordinates of Reef Balls in New Zealand

The Long Bay reef is located at 360 40 52 S, 1740 45 14.8 E in 5.5 m at minimum spring low tides. It comprises twelve concrete hemispherical shells made of 60 MPa concrete with microsilca added. There are nine Bay Balls [mass approximately 300 kg, height 0.7 m, base diameter 1.0 m with about 10 piercing] in a N S line. At the Northern end, there is a Pallet Ball [mass approximately 1200 kg height 0.9 m; base diameter 1.2m with about 15 piercing]. ]. At the Southern end, there are two further Pallet Balls; one with a 30x30 cm slate plate attached to a vertical surface and the other with a plate attached to close the top hole of the unit; i.e. in a horizontal position.

Zig Zag Reef (9 Bay Balls) 360 40 52 S, 1740 45 14.8 E

Octagon Reef at 360 40 51.1 S, 1740 45 19.6 E This also comprises twelve units with four of the smaller Bay Ball units planted as the central core. There are four Bay Balls around the perimeter; a Pallet Ball at the Eastern point of the octagon; and one further Pallet Ball on the Southern margin. There are slate plates attached to a vertical surface of both these Pallet Balls. Another Pallet Ball is placed on the western side. The last Pallet Ball forms a tail to the south since inclement weather prevented it being placed in geometrical perfection. All the spacing is again about 1.0 meter.  

Authorized Contractors

Reef Ball New Zealand

Dave Head at 



Authorized Contractors for the Area

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