PROJECT TITLE:            Dos Mares Lobster Farming Project, Nicaragua


LOCATION: Nicaragua Caribbean Coast      


PROPOSAL DATE: As soon as funded


TIMELINE: 2 week training followed by local production           


PROJECT AIMS: The Reef Ball Foundation has developed new technology to allow settlement of larval lobsters using Withem collectors to specially designed lobster habitats.  This project aims to demonstrate this technology to local fishermen in Nicaragua many of whom are suffering from long term exposure to the “bends” that occurs when they dive for lobsters too deep in the sea for too long.  Dos Mares is a local non-profit organization that has been working in Nicaragua for years that wants to help organize the project…they only need funding for molds and trainers to come down and teach the techniques.  The project is being overseen by a scientist from Dos Mares.


BUDGET: $25,000


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation    

Left: Withem larval lobster collector. Below: Lobster Module.