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Aug 2003 Construction and Training of Reef Balls in Barcelona, Spain and some siteseeing photos too.


Mold Owners
ASPO Owns a set of contractor molds from 12/2000
ASPO was sent 2 Ultra Ball Molds (ordered 06/07/2003 ) for Re-sale to the City of Barcelona under a direct license agreement from Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division to the City of Barcelona for city use only.

Coordinates of Reef Balls in Spain


Authorized Contractors

Armas y Soria, proyectos y obras, S.L.

Reef Ball Authorized Contractor, Spain.  

Winner of 2002 Reef Ball Foundation Award, Best Scientific Project

Luis Manuel Álvarez Fernández-Soria
C/ Capitán Almeida, 28. 1º Izda.
33009 Oviedo
Principado de Asturias.

Phone:  34-98 5206379
        34-98 5519337


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