Sarasota Bay Parrot Heads assist SBPH Norma Garber
 in casting and deploying SBPH Steve Garber’s Eternal Reef Ball

On January 28th, 2005, SBPH members joined with Norma Garber to cast an Eternal Reef Ball from the ashes of SBPH Steve Garber. Steve passed away on December 24th, 2004.  It was his wish that his ashes be deposited in the Bay and Gulf where he loved to fish and boat. The casting process took place on Central Street in Sarasota. Special molding forms are used to create the actual reef balls. Steve’s ashes were mixed in with the cement that forms the final reef ball.  Each individual had their own reef ball. 



Steve’s ashes incorporated
into his reef ball.




Family and friends are allowed to put their hand prints into the top of the cast reef ball as part of their connection with their loved one.


The reef ball takes 4 weeks to dry. 
On Sunday, 2/27/05 the families can come and see the final reef ball. 
Steve’s reef ball has the community plaque on it

Monday, 2/28/05, if the sea conditions are favorable, the reef balls will be taken out to the Gulf of Mexico and deployed about 1.5 miles from the shores of Lido Beach

Steve’s Reef Ball Memorial Site Visit 2/28/05. 
Rough seas prevent deployment of the actual reef balls.




Steve’s ashes are the only ones in this large reef ball that carries the names of other individuals who have their own smaller reef balls as part of the community reef. 



The inside of Steve’s reef ball holds his Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club membership badge.




The Flying Fish takes families to the memorial reef ball deployment site in the Gulf.



Miniature reef balls are provided, for each family and friends, representing the actual Eternal reef balls.   The miniature reef balls are decorated with flowers.

If you look closely, below the rose/red & white carnations, you will see a fishing lure and Shelter Box USA pin as part of Steve’s miniature memorial reef ball.

The boat went by Steve’s favorite lunch spot, The Salty Dog, when he was out on the boat.


The Flying Fish also passed two of the spots, above off Lido Beach and below off Long Boat Key, that Steve used to go fishing.



Norma holds the memorial reef ball that will be dropped into the Gulf.  The miniature reef ball memorial is dropped over the future site where the actual Eternal Reef Balls will be deployed. 

   Norma Garber thanks the members of the SBPHC for their participation in creating and deploying Eternal Reef Balls in the Gulf. Without their help, this wonder project would not be possible. 

Steve Garber fishing.