STATE OF _____________


COUNTY OF _______________




            The undersigned Volunteer, in consideration of various assistance, accommodation and association with Reef Ball Development Group, Inc., or Reef Ball Foundation, Inc., does hereby release and hold harmless Reef Ball Development Group, Inc., Reef Ball Foundation, Inc., and all officers, directors, shareholders, members, subcontractors and partners thereof (collectively “Releases”) from any and all liability for injuries, death, or property damage, which may be incurred by Volunteer, or which may be propounded on behalf of Volunteer by  Volunteer’s family, estate, receiver, administrator, executor, attorney-in-fact, or agent; which occur in relation to activities at the invitation of, assisted or arrange by, or in conjunction with releases; which stem from the inherent dangers of engaging in open water snorkeling or scuba diving, or in exposure to, or handling of, aquatic flora and fauna and the natural elements, or from the handling and deployment of concrete structures from land to under water.  In so releasing Releases, Volunteer acknowledges said inherent risks, and represents Volunteer as having been adequately trained in all endeavors undertaken by volunteer in association with any project for which Volunteer is providing assistance.  Volunteer, in making this release, understands that Volunteer is responsible for maintenance and operation of Volunteer’s own equipment, including the testing of equipment provided by others, screening and correction of equipment and of being familiar with all applicable procedures and safety precautions relating to the endeavors for which Volunteer is providing assistance.


            Volunteer expressly acknowledges that Volunteer is neither an employee nor agent of Releases nor acting for any compensation irrespective of any in gratuity provided by project sponsors or others related thereto.


            WHEREFORE Volunteer sets their hand and affixes their seal this ________ day of ________________, 2003.















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