PROJECT TITLE:            Reef Ball Thailand Tsunami Memorial Project for Affected Local Fishermen         


LOCATION: Baan Naam Khem Fishing Village,  Khao Lak, Phuket, Thailand


PROPOSAL DATE: Project has already been official “kicked off” but requires funding to proceed.


TIMELINE: ASAP          


PROJECT AIMS. The Reef Ball Foundation was working in Thailand, before the Tsunami struck on December 26, 2004.  Therefore, we were in a good position to help and we have conducted Phase I projects at Racha Island to bring back tourism and to restore reefs damaged by the Tsunami.  This project is Phase II and the focus will be to aid the survivors of  Baan Naam Khem fishing village in Khao Lak where over 6000 people died and 90% of the families have lost a member of their household. The project will create an underwater memorial wave, similar to a monument being done on land in the village by the government.  The center area of this wave will be designed for fish breeding and will be protected from fishing.  Surrounding the wave will be one Reef Ball for every human life lost in Khao Lak (over 6,000 reef balls) and the area will be designed for hand line fishing or trap fishing by the village). This project is needed by the village because they currently have to fish very far offshore because the Tsunami destroyed most of the local reefs and only 20% of the 500 boats can fish near shore since the Tsunami.  It is also our aim to avoid future loss of life from fishing too far from shore with traditional boats. 


BUDGET: To build 6000+ “Bay Ball” sized Reef Balls will cost about $200,000.  To build the Memorial Wave and fish spawning sites will cost about $100,000.  To plant corals on the wave will cost another $25,000 mostly in airfare for experts to volunteer their time to come to do the work.  Total Project Cost $325,000, however, we expect there may be some local matching funds available. 


PROJECT CONTACTS:   Todd Barber, Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation