Reef Ball Project(s)

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Eastern Shore, VA.

April 28,2003 Completed

Mold Owners

Sea Search of Virginia acquired 10 Bay Ball molds in 05/01/2002, One Ultra and One Pallet Mold in 07/01/2002 and was licensed to copy these mold to get an initial set of commercial volume of molds under an authorized contractor license from the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division

The Hammer Head Dive Club, Charlie Watts, acquired a Pallet Ball mold through the Reefs Around the World Grant Program.

Artificial Reef Coordinator for the State

P.O. BOX 756
NEWPORT NEWS VA  23607-0756

Virginia Institute for Marine Science

P.O. BOX 1346

Other Information:

Glenn Russell (offer to help in projects)

Bob Richter 804 694-0772 (model making and oysters).

Coordinates of Reef Balls in the State


40 Reef Balls have been placed at York Spit Reef (Northwest corner 37 14' 75'' N - 076 14' 20''W, Northeast corner 37 14' 75''N - 076 13' 30''W, Southwest corner 37 14' 05''N - 076 14' 20''W, Southeast corner 37 14' 05''N - 076 13' 30''W)
36 56.719N 76 23.566W Small deployment of  Reef Balls at NEWPORT NEWS MIDDLE GROUND REEF

Authorized Contractors

Sea Search of Virginia

We are Reef Ball authorized contractors with a specialized deployment boat including side scan sonar services. 

Josh and Fran Looney
3515 Huette Drive
Norfolk, Virginia 23518  
Bus: 757 480-1980
Fax 757-480-0005

Alt Bus. Phone 757/480-0660
Cell (Josh) 757 871-9760
Cell (Fran) 757 636-7410
Home 757 480-0005
Little Creek Marina 757 362 3600

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