Reef Ball Tool Kit

Typically the following are supplied although we may adjust your tools for your stated building conditions.  Supplies in [brackets] are not included but may be needed for your conditions

1 Rubber Mallet [Additional Rubber Mallets]

1 Hammer-steel shaft [Additional Hammers]


[2 flat head shovel, 1 spade]

1 Rubber or Nitrile Glove (For Concrete work) [Additional regular work gloves]

1 Phillips #2 Screwdriver

1 Flathead #2 Short Shaft Screwdriver [short screwdriver for diver]

2 drill bits  1/4",  5/8", 

 3 Paddle Bits, 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"

[1 3 1/2" Hole Saw]

1 18 ft Lift Strap (6000 lbs) with abrasion resistance

2 5 foot 3/8" chains

 2 grab hooks (6000 lbs)

[Additional 18 ft lift Straps, 2 slip hooks, 2 3/8" shackles]

Small Box Drywall Screws

Box #8 Deck Screws 1 3/4"

2 Rolls Plumbers Straps

[Additional Rolls of Plumbers Straps]

1 Roll Duct Tape

1 Can WD-40 or other lubricant spray

1 Air Blower nipple with 3-4 inch nozzle

1 Scuba Air inflator fitting

1 Hack Saw blade

1 Magnum 44 perm. marker (or equivalent)

1 Pkg needle valves

1 razor knife

1 Garden Sprayer

1 Battery Powered Drill

1 package assorted bits (Philips or flathead)

[Dewalt or professional grade Battery Powered Drill]

[Electric or Pneumatic Drill]

[Electric or Pneumatic circular saw]

[Shop Vac and air hose and fittings]

air hose and fittings for [shop vac or stinger]

16 oz. Adva 120

10 Polyform Screw Caps

Roll of Hi-Vis string

Plastic Wedge

[3 cans colored spray paint]

[Thermometer (if using concrete waste)]

[Air compressor or Scuba tank and hoses]

[Water source and hoses]

[Wood for bases]

sugar (10 lbs or more)

2 5 gallon buckets

[electric drill with 1/2" chuck if using 3"1/2' hole saw]

[Other safety equipment, i.e. eye protection, steel toed shoes, first aid kit, eye wash kit, etc)