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Serial Numbers, Plaques & Logo Inserts

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Artists Support Reef Ball Artificial Reef Projects

John (Rob) Mueller, whose artistic jewelry creations are currently featured in Boac Raton, Florida, Austin, Texas, and Greensboro, North Carolina and Robin S. Black have been working with Reef Ball to create a special, solid copper serial number tags for use in Reef Balls so that reef builders can keep more accurate records.

Rob & Robin can also now produce things in a great price structure (including plaques and Reef Ball jewelry, if you are interested....please visit their site->->-> R2 designs Home Page The solid copper content will help reduce bio-fouling on the tags so that the serial numbers can be read for longer periods of time.

Photo of serial number tags

Reef Ball Rubberized Logo Inserts

Reef Ball has developed rubberized inserts to emboss our logo directly onto the Reef Balls. Reef Ball can also custom design any logo or text you which to be placed on your Reef Balls.

Picture of Logo on Reef Ball

Custom insert charges are based on the size and complexity of the insert. Contact Reef Ball for more information.

Memorial, Commemorative, Informational or Dedicational Plaques

Rob & Robin have been commissioned to produce the memorial plaque for the Earl Barber Memorial Reef and the elementary school plaques below. Because they have been working with Reef Ball staff, Rob and Robin have been able to tailor their creations to better survive the harsh ocean conditions. A miniture sculpted Reef Ball, cast in silver, and also being able to hold a photograph is also being produced for Mrs. Barber who is dedicating the reef. Mueller and Black can create custom plaques for any Reef Ball client and are also offering a wide range of selections on the miniatures.

Earl Barber Memorial Plaque

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