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Reef Research Dive Teams

Florida Teams

Palm Beach County Reef Research Team -Home Page!

At the Feb. 22nd (Monthly Meeting) of the PBC Reef Research Team, annual elections were held, Results are as follows:

Congratulations from Reef Ball to all of the above!

Jacksonville Scubanauts

Volusia Reef Research Team (John Lane)

Two dozen Reef Ball's were placed on Volusia County Site 1 for evaluation. Weather and cold water upwelling has delayed the start of monitoring. Also two dozen USN Intruder aircraft were placed on Site 9.

John Lane , 2609 North Peninsula Dr. Daytona Beach FL 32118, Tele 904 677 2828

Central Florida Dive Club (And Research Team), Dan Fulmer, President

Organizatoin For Artificial Reefs Dive Team (OAR)Jamie Gotti, at

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