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What's New At Reef Ball?

New: Goliath Sized Reef Ball, a whopping 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall!

New: Model Sizes (2 inches tall, 4 inches tall, 6 inches tall) (Developed for wave attenuation modeling at the Army Corps Experimental Station)

New: We are experimenting with a patch connector to allow three molds to be interconnected in a single pour (mini-bay ball and smaller sizes only)

New: Base Modifications to build a lip around your Reef Ball like a base to allow for softer bottom type deployments.

New Reef Ball World Mapping System...check it out!

New Coral Adapter Plug System:

Reef Ball is now offering an adapter plug system for easy installation of coral transplants, propagated corals, signage, and other items which need to be easily and quickly attached underwater to Reef Balls.  The Reef Ball Foundation now offers complete coral transplant, propagation, saving of damaged corals (i.e. storms or physical damage) training.  Don't let those imperiled corals just die....SAVE THEM...Note: it is best to start these types of projects as quickly as possible after the damage...corals slowly weaken and are less suitable for transplanting if they are left unattached from the reef for long periods of time.

We also have available:

Coral Adapter Underwater 2-part expoys
3 Minute Setting pH neutral concrete for embedding coral fragments for transplanting
Coral Propagation Tool Kits
and other supplies you might need to save hard and soft corals.

New Mold Designs

The Reef Ball Group has improved the Reef, Ultra, Pallet & Bay Ball molds with built in top spacers and wider flanges for easier casting. All new molds produced in the US will reflect this design change.  A Mini-Bay Ball has now been developed which is larger than a Lo Pro and smaller than a Bay Ball...this size is intended to aid educational programs in providing a larger, yet still manageable size than the Lo-Pro..


A new admixture for our concrete mix has been approved for easier casting and even lower pH.

New Authorized Contractors

The Reef Ball Group is now looking for new Authorized Contractors to keep up the the terrific demand for Reef Ball projects. We've signed up 17 good contractors so far but we wish to fully cover the world. Do you know something about concrete & sales? ---Join our team and help the environment!

Underwater Sculpture Parks

Reef Ball now offers Underwater Sculpture Park quality certifications, teaching our methods of reef building to artisans that which to express themselves underwater.

New Reef Ball Molds

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. has produced and is now testing new, easier to use Reef Ball molds and even as a size about 9 & 15 inches taller than a standard Reef Ball. The molds are different in that each mold panel is interchangeable. Pictured is the mold for the new "Super Reef Ball" that is nine inches taller than a standard Reef Ball but it still uses just 1 yard of concrete. Two "Super Reef Balls" were deployed by Santa Rosa County's Artificial Reef Program along with a hundred regular Reef Balls. The "Super" sized molds are available now...the "Ultra" is being tested.

Reef Ball Sea Walls

Reef Balls are being tested for use as a sea wall. The units are turned sideways with the flat bottom facing the sea wall. Pilings are driven down between holes in the units specially placed to line up correctly. Not only will the units eliminate the need for rock pilings in front of the sea wall, but they will also serve as marine life habitat and reduce the energy of breaking waves on the wall.

Reef Ball Buoys & Moorings

Reef Balls have been developed which are placed in a concrete pad (to add weight) that can be used to attach buoys to mark reef locations. Combined with anchors, the units can be used as moorings. (However, the weight of these units prohibits floating deployments).

Reef Balls for Mangrove Plantings

One of the problems with mangrove restoration projects it to protect the baby mangroves from washing away in storms. Mangroves can be grown inside of the smaller Reef Balls and the roots will grow through the holes to create excellent habitat while keeping the mangroves stable until they take hold.

Reef Balls for comprehensive coral reef restorations

Reef Balls are being proposed for a wide scale effort (Over 300 square kilometers) to restore coral reefs. Watch the news this year as we build the world's largest artificial reef!

Reef Balls Under Docks

Here's an EPA Report on Reef Balls under docks!

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