Dominican Republic Reef Ball Projects

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dominicanrepublicpuertoplata  |  Total images: 51
March 2000 Survey of possible Reef Ball submerged breakwater in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Just people, meeting, site seeing and survey shots.


drbreakwater4monitoringonland  |  Total images: 17
July 2002 Cayman Island Minister visits Reef Ball Dominican Republic Submerged Breakwater Project to approve Cayman Marriott submerged breakwater project. Pictures from the survey and visit.


drbreakwater4yearmonitoringaerials  |  Total images: 23
July 2002 Reef Ball Dominican Republic Submerged Breakwater Project Aerial Survey Photos.


drbreakwater4yearmonitoringaerialsap2001 gran dominicus  |  Total images: 141

April 2001 beach pictures of Dominican Republic beach created by using a Reef Ball submerged breakwater. WARNING: Photos have not been edited and the beach may have topless hotel guests in some photos.

Mold Owners

EMPACA (see below) purchased 7 Reef Balls, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 Pallet Ball and 1 Bay Ball mold systems on 12/08/1997.  They are licenses under an authorized contractor agreement with Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division

Other Information

Juan Llinas, Director, Iberostar 

Authorized Contractors for the Area


Ecoturismo Mundial Y Proyectos Ambientales (World Ecotourism & Environmental Projects Co.)

PO Box 3315
Calle B #6, El Vergel
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

(809) 699-0996 or Fax (809) 591-3665 or Cell (809) 301-5148



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