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Best High School Level Project 2001: The Island School, Bahamas.  On the other hand, many of us live on Islands.  The Ocean is our life.  The Island School in the Bahamas helps give young adults the chance to live island life firsthand and to learn about the reef systems by using Reef Balls in a variety of ways.  Here, high school students design their own
experiments...adding all kinds of interesting adaptations to Reef Balls.  Ever wondered what would happen if you added floating ropes to the top of your reef balls? What about building your own breakwater...how do Reef Balls really affect
waves? These answers and more are being studied every day at the Island School.

Students at the Island School Muscle In A Pallet Ball

Other Information

Andy Danylchuk <andydanylchuk@islandschool.org>

Some Students Bio's from the Island School that mention help with Reef Balls

Monique Johnson
Eric Einstein

Chris Rothwell


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