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Georgia Reef Ball Pictures 


Best Elementary Project 2001: Walker School, Atlanta Georgia, Atlantic Ocean. Wow, did you know that Elementary School more than 5 hours driving time from the nearest ocean could learn about reefs, build reef balls and create thousands of pounds of fish life?  These kids in Atlanta proved it could be done.  Even if you have never seen the affects your life...this proves we can ALL help.
  Artificial Reef Coordinators for the State HENRY ANSLEY
BRUNSWICK GA 31520-8687



Artificial Reef Site CAT (400 Pallet Balls)
Corner coordinates for CAT are 31" 40.2' N, 80" 58.6' W; 31" 40.2' N, 80" 56.2' W; 31" 38.2' N, 80" 56.2' W; and 31" 38.2' N, 80" 58.6' W. Site CAT is a two NM by two NM area, with it's NW corner positioned at 90" at 1.4 nm off USCG channel buoy RW"STC" or approximately 7-8 nm east of St. Catherine's Island. From USCG buoy RW"T" marking the Savannah River entrance, the distance (one-way) to the site is approximately 22 nm.
Artificial Reef Site KTK (150 Pallet Balls)
Corner coordinates for KTK are 31" 31.3' N, 81" 01.5' W; 31" 31.3' N, 80" 59.1' W; 31" 29.3' N, 80" 59' W; and 31" 29.3' N, 81" 01.5' W. Site KTK is a two NM by two NM area with it's northwest corner positioned at 90" at 1.9 NM off USCG channel buoy RWC(S) or approximately 7 to 8 NM east of Blackbeard Island. From USCG buoy RW(T) marking the Savannah River entrance, the distance to the site is approximately 32 NM.
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45318.6/61813.0 30'46.551///81'05.759
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45322.4/61816.9 30'46.592///81'06.254
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45322.5/61810.7 30'47.104///81'05.798
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45323.6/61822.5 30'46.295///81'06.757
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45325.6/61825.6 30'46.225///81'07.091
MRY Reef Pallet Balls 45326.5/61826.0 30'46.310///81'07.172
F Reef Pallet Balls 45479.0/61785.2 142* @ 0.65 nm 31'05.463///81'12.286
F Reef Pallet Balls 45482.6/61790.2 189* @ 0.49 nm 31'05.445///81'12.847
CAT Reef Pallet Balls 45568.3/61477.6 118* @ 1.62 nm 31'39.425///80'56.803
CAT Reef Pallet Balls 45568.8/61476.5
CAT Reef Pallet Balls 45570.6/61477.3 111* @ 1.44 nm 31'39.700///80'56.928
CAT Reef Pallet Balls 45572.4/61477.2 103* @ 1.29 nm 31'39.909///80'57.056

Authorized Contractors for the Area

Geothermal Energy Management

Geothermal Energy Management is based in Savannah, Georgia and specializes in the production of Reef Balls used as a "heat sink" for geothermal heating and air conditioning systems. They are an authorized contractor also producing regular Reef Balls to focus mostly on the nearshore/docks/seawall applications for Reef Balls.

Geothermal Energy Management
Joesph Christianson


Reef Innovations, Inc.

Reef Innovations, Inc. (RI) is a worldwide mobile, authorized, licensed and insured Reef Ball Contractor providing turnkey construction and delivery of Reef Ball products worldwide. RI also offers Reef Ball mold training and finished module inspection services. Check our Website for more information.

Reef Innovations
2415 McMichael Road
St. Cloud, Fl 34771 
Cell: (941)650-2519
Home: (407) 957-5821

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. is our authorized contractor for the Florida (Panhandle) and Alabama Large Area Permits. YOU can own your own Reef Ball reef with private coordinates for as little as $180. AND THAT'S A DEPLOYED PRICE! Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. owns a barge and tugboat and are also available for deployment work throughout the southeast.

Please see Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.'s HOME PAGE for further information.



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