Reef Innovations, Inc.

Reef Innovations Inc.

We are the worldwide authorized contractor and trainer for the Reef Ball Development Group. We provide all levels of service from on site training to mobile construction and deployment. We are licensed and insured, combining the latest developments in Reef Ball technology with environmentally friendly, quality concrete and admixtures.

Don't want the hassles of using molds and working in concrete to make a reef? Reef Innovations, Inc (RI) can simply be on site to help train your crew or to perform the first couple of castings, or we can do everything for you including the deployment. We can also deliver any size of completed Reef Balls directly to your staging area.

For large projects, we typically set up our molds in your area and can quickly deliver any number of Reef Balls because we own so many Reef Ball molds. For smaller projects, we can ship Reef Balls to you from our stocks.

We can generally provide Oyster Balls for $45, Lo Pro Balls for $65, Mini-Bay Balls for $75, Bay Balls for about $80, Pallet Balls for about $180 and Reef Balls or Ultra Balls for about $300, Super Balls for about $450 and Goliath Balls for about $450  (transportation included to some areas).

We have special discount pricing for research and educational projects or other projects that qualify for the Reef Ball Foundation's Reefs Around the World or Coral Reefs Around the World Grant Programs (see for more information on qualifying for these programs). All of our employees are Reef Ball volunteers so we know your needs and guarantee our Reef Balls will meet or exceed Reef Ball Development Group Ltd. recommendations and specifications.


Following is a list of services we can provide for our clients. Please keep in mind we are not limited to this list and we will structure your project to fit your needs.

  • Turnkey Construction - our place or yours
  • Finished Products - delivered to you
  • Mold System Training - your site or ours.
  • Deployment Training
  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • Bottom Surveys and Monitoring - DGPS and side scan sonar available.
  • Demonstrations and Presentations
  • Custom Consulting
  • Reef Ball Mold Repair
  • Production of Miniature Reef Ball "Models" (We are the only contractor licensed to do so).
  • We provide mold manufacturing services to Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division


Reef Innovations has been in business since 1995 and we are the oldest and largest Reef Ball Authorized Contractor.  We have completed hundreds of projects and built over 50,000 Reef Balls.  We are the only contractor licensed with worldwide coverage so if there is not a contractor in your area to do the job, we can handle it.  If you need special custom designs in your Reef Balls, we are experts at that too.  If the job is us.

Reef Innovations, Inc.
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