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Cancun Monitoring Video 8/99
(11 min. 30 sec) This color video documents the growth on Reef Balls after 3 years in a tropical coral reef system. It is available on Digital Hi-8 Format (or less if desired) for Press, or other publicity related uses. It is an order of magnitude more beautiful with each increase in format (The Hi-* Digital is breathtaking!). If you want to know why Reef Balls really are coral reefs, just view this. You will eliminate the term "Artificial Reefs" from your vocabulary when you view this tape!

Mold Owners

Marenter (see below) owns 2 Super Ball, 5 Ultra Ball, 2 Reef Ball, 2 Pallet Ball molds licensed for authorized contractor use by the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division purchased on 04/30/2002.   Marenter also has 10 Bay Ball molds on indefinite loan from the Reef Ball Foundation for use in Reef Ball Foundation Ecotourist project in Cancun acquired in Spring of '03.

Atlantis Submarine Cancun S.A. de C.V., Plaza Quetzail, Local No. 4, Blvd. Kukulkan, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico C.P. 77500  Purchased1 Reef Ball, 1 Pallet Ball and 1 Bay Ball on 02/24/1995.  Later, they were donated 1 Pallet Ball, 1 Bay Ball, 2 Oyster, and 1 Lo Pro mold donated by the Reef Ball Foundation on 08/22/1995 for use in the Marine Park.  These molds were transfered to Roberto De La Torres ecoarsa@sybcom.com under an authorized contractor agreement with the Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd on 1/1/96.  Roberto was unable to meet his obligations and made imitation "Reef Balls" at El Garrofon which contained iron rebar which is forbidden for use by authorized contractors.  His authorized contractor license was revoked in 1/1/2002 by RBDG.  Roberto still retains the molds and they are licensed only for use in Reef Ball Foundation Grant Projects or for approved promotional use.  Roberto is still considered a friend of the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division even though he no longer represents us as an authorized contractor.

Other Information

Garrafon Isla Mujeres, Mauricio Arias acuatica@garrafon.com


Authorized Contractors for the Area

Reef Ball Mexico
Provider of Reef Ball Solutions in Mexico

Email: comsolida@prodigy.net.mx 

Javier Dajer Cell (52) 9999 55 09 01 

Office (52) 999 920-90-56
Fax (52) 999 920 90-57



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