South Carolina Reef Balls

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South Carolina Reef Ball Photos 
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
In August of 1994, the Reef Ball Group's Reefs Around The Nation Program (sm) provided the DNR with 14 mold systems to produce two test reefs of 150 modules each to evaluate their potential in SC waters. One set was placed off Charleston and was built by DNR staff members. A second set for Hilton Head Island was built by the Hilton Head Sport Fishing Association. In June of 1995, the DNR ordered from Reef additional 800 modules for four new reef sites. The Parks and Recreation Department ordered an additional 200 Pallet Balls to be used by a county pier to enhance fishing. Both projects were completed in September, 1995.
Charleston, SC. October 3, 2001 Completed
Locations Cut off Date: Projected Placement Date:
Charleston, SC. Early June Mid July

Mold Owners

Geothermal Energy Management acquired a number of Pallet Ball molds (20 Estimated) from Jim Beck and/or Larry Beggs in 1996/7 as part of a contractor to contractor mold deal.  Their molds are licensed under an authorized contractor agreement with the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division 

Artificial Reef Coordinators for the State

P.O. BOX 12559
CHARLESTON SC 29422-2559

South Atlantic Fishery Council

CHARLESTON SC 29407-4699

Reef Balls in the State

Paradise Artificial Reef (200 Pallet Balls)
Located in 30 feet of water, approximately 2.5 miles east of Murrells Inlet (33" 31.3'N, 078" 57.8'W)
           Concrete Reef Balls 33 30.959/078 58.051
North Inlet Artificial Reef (200 Pallet Balls)
Located in 45 feet of water, approximately 10 miles northeast of the Winyah Bay Jetties (33" 20.3N, 079"01.2'W)
Concrete Reef Balls 33 20.619/079 00.894
Capers Artificial Reef (200 Pallet Balls)
Located in 40 feet of water, approximately 12 miles east of the Charleston Harbor Jetties (32" 44.5N, 079"34.5'W)
Concrete Reef Balls 32 44.380/079 34.536
Concrete Reef Balls 32 44.381/079 34.534
Fripp Island Artificial Reef (200 Pallet Balls)
Located in 35 feet of water, approximately 3 miles southeast of Fripp Inlet (32" 15.5N, 080"22.5"W)
Concrete Reef Balls 32 15.444/080 22.302
Folly Beach Fishing Pier, Charleston SC (200 Pallet Balls)
Located in 15-20 feet of water in groups of 10 spaced about 50 feet apart on the southwest side of the pier directly under to fifty feet away from the pier
Consists of 200 concrete reef balls placed on the south side of the pier.
10 mile Reef
Concrete Reef Balls 33 26.081/078 52.239

C J Davidson Jr Reef
    Concrete Reef Balls 33 06.006/079 00.805
Charleston 60 Reef
    Concrete Reef Balls 32 33.251/079 40.451
    Reef Balls 45417.1/60492.1
Fish America Reef

    Concrete Reef Balls 32 08.357/080 41.424
    Concrete Reef Balls 32 08.380/080 41.414

Hilton Head Reef
    Concrete Reef Balls 31 59.774/080 35.909
    Concrete Reef Balls 31 59.964/080 36.020

Beaufort 45' Reef
    Concrete Reef Balls 32 07.199/080 29.334

Reef Balls 45417.1/60492.1?

Authorized Contractors for the Area

Geothermal Energy Management

Geothermal Energy Management is based in Savannah, Georgia and specializes in the production of Reef Balls used as a "heat sink" for geothermal heating and air conditioning systems. They are an authorized contractor also producing regular Reef Balls to focus mostly on the nearshore/docks/seawall applications for Reef Balls.

Geothermal Energy Management
Joesph Christianson


Reef Innovations, Inc.

Reef Innovations, Inc. (RI) is a worldwide mobile, authorized, licensed and insured Reef Ball Contractor providing turnkey construction and delivery of Reef Ball products worldwide. RI also offers Reef Ball mold training and finished module inspection services. Check our Website for more information.

Reef Innovations
2415 McMichael Road
St. Cloud, Fl 34771 
Cell: (941)650-2519
Home: (407) 957-5821

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.

Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. is our authorized contractor for the Florida (Panhandle) and Alabama Large Area Permits. YOU can own your own Reef Ball reef with private coordinates for as little as $180. AND THAT'S A DEPLOYED PRICE! Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. owns a barge and tugboat and are also available for deployment work throughout the southeast.

Please see Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.'s HOME PAGE for further information.


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