In over 14 years of designed artificial reef work, the Reef Ball Foundation has developed a suite of experts that can handle all phases of artificial reefs from fund raising to design, engineering, permitting, construction, deployment, and post-deployment monitoring tasks.  If there is any part of the artificial reef process you need assistance in, we can help.  We have over 100 experts worldwide that can be called to provide specific consulting solutions tailored to your needs.  We can provide expertise for non-Reef Ball artificial reefs when the goals support the choice of other materials such as shipwrecks for divers, designed materials of opportunity for economy or one time opportunities with all of their special challenges.  We can even provide you with competitive bids on like products of competitors.  Give the world's most experienced publicly supported artificial reef organization a chance to improve your  existing artificial reef programs and make them even better.  We will help to insure your results, that no matter what material you choose, will better optimize the biology and minimizing risk when you work with us....and because we are nonprofit, we usually lower your overall costs!  Why not outsource everything....just set back and enjoy the success of experienced reef builder without having to make the same mistakes over and over.  Just call us and we can tell you how we can improve your reef building experience. 


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Artificial Reef Permitting Assistance

Pre-Deployment Bottom Surveys

Deployment Supervision

Materials of Opportunity Assessment and Matching Services

Grant Applications / Writing Assistance (FWCC Specialist)

Post Deployment Monitoring

Ship Sinking Assistance

Turnkey Artificial Reef Projects

Press and Media Exposure 

Fund Raising Events

Hitch-a-Ride Barge Sharing Services

Materials of Opportunity Storage

Materials of Opportunity Biological and Stability Re-Conditioning

Materials of Opportunity Cleaning Services

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