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Reef Ball Development 
Group, Ltd.

Specific Resources

Mold Sales & Pricing

Programs & Services


Contractors, Distributors & Trainers
A list of folks near you that can help build Reef Balls.  If you are working with an authorized contractor already, you may obtain support directly from them.

Reef Ball Proprietary Concrete Specifications*

These specifications are the general mix design, we develop custom specifications for your project based on concrete availability, biological goals, deployment style, aging allowances, temperature, etc.  Contact us with specific questions regarding the latest in our concrete technologies.

Reef Ball Training Manual*
For Bay, Pallet, Reef and Ultra Size Molds
Detailed 38 page manual.

Reef Ball Instruction Manuals-Hand Mixing
for our Mini-Mold, Oyster, and Lo-Pro Balls

Reef Ball Parts Ordering 
Prices and parts needed for Reef Ball molds of all sizes.

Reef Balls TM: An advanced technique to mimic natural reef systems using designed artificial reefs

A paper presented in Kuwait for Scuba Divers developing Reef Ball programs.  A good guide to the overall process of building Reef Balls.

NEW Superplasticizer (ADVA) has been approved for use in Reef Ball admixtures, if you are casting Reef Balls and don't know about ADVA...CALL US!


*E-mail us for the URL of the on-line training manual, Reef Ball customers only.

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