Reef Ball Activities in Barbados


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Barbados Marine Trust Reef Ball Coral Training Funding Request

July 2005 Press Release on Monitoring and Success on Reef Balls over the last year.
30 Reef Balls Deployed! (Nov 2004)
Barbados Advocate, April 21, 2003, "Barbados Marine Trust implements project to protect South Coast"
The (Barbados) Advocate, Local organization proposes solution to reef problems   Wed Nov 27 2002
November 2002, Barbados Marine Trust "Reef Ball Molds Have Arrived"
Sept 2002, Environmental Programme at Asta Beach Resort, Barbados
Barbados Marine Trust Project, May 2002 
Observations on the impact of Segmentation and Open Connection of the Last Mangrove Habitat on Barbados
The Characterization of Coral Reefs and Reef Associated Sediments to Assess the Impact of Anthropogenic Pollution: West Coast Barbados, W.I.
A Decision Analysis Approach to Managing Effects of Eutrophication on Coral Reefs in Barbados
Mold Owners


The Barbados Marine Trust


1 Bay, 1 Pallet, 1 Ultra


Reef Ball Foundation Grant, For The Barbados Marine Trust projects only on 03/21/2002  

10 More Bay Ball molds, owned by the The Reef Ball Foundation are on indefinite loan to the Barbados Marine Trust licensed for Ecotourist Projects in conjunction with the Reef Ball Foundation.

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-Barbados Marine Trust
-Coconut Court Beach Resort Barbados
-ASTA Beach Resort, Barbados

Authorized Contractors

Reef Innovations, Inc. (RI) is a worldwide mobile, authorized, licensed and insured Reef Ball Contractor providing turnkey construction and delivery of Reef Ball products worldwide. RI also offers Reef Ball mold training and finished module inspection services. Check our Website for more information.
Reef Innovations

2415 McMichael Road
St. Cloud, Fl 34771
Cell: (941)650-2519
Home: (407) 957-5821

Other Information

Barbados Marine Trust has also expressed interest in becoming a Reef Ball Authorized Contractor.  Contact Nicole at for more information. "JAMES H BLADES" <

Renata Goodridge, M.Sc, Marine Scientist, University of the West Indies 


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