Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Lobster Reef Culture Team

  The Reef Ball Foundation has developed a Reef Culture system for Spiny Lobster that integrates traditional Spiny Lobster larval collectors with a special style of Reef Ball that is best described as a 'Layer Cake' Reef ball with smaller layers at the top and larger layers at the bottom.  It has a feeding tube (PVC pipe with holes) vertically through the center with a floating Spiny Lobster Larval Collector (see photo below).  The collector settles the larval then provides a "ladder" [not shown in pictures below]  to get them down to the Layer Cake Reef Ball, it is designed to protect lobster from shark, ell and octopus by having smaller outside openings than inside void space and being 360 degrees so the lobsters can defend the territory. In Antigua, the larval settlers worked great when placed nearshore.  The lobster fishermen can carry a pipe and funnel to add sinking pelletized catfish food (or any other lobster food) and add it to the center PVC pipe to increase lobster growth rates.


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Traditional Larval Lobster Collector 

Typical "LobsterCulture" modular base to which food can be added to the center from the surface and the larval lobster collectors are attached to the top along with pathways to the module.

(Barge of Lobsterculture Style Reef Balls)

(Top layers are very tiny on the outside, larger inside, to protect small lobster fry)

(Unit showing feeding tube at top, note how levels get larger as one approached the bottom of the unit)

(Interior PVC pipe for feeding lobsters)

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