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Artificial Reef


Artificial Reef

The following video clips are in RealMedia format.

Download the Real Media Plug In at if you don't have in already installed. Some people have reported problems with Windows Media Player so we recommend Real Media Player if you are having problems.

We are adding many clips here, so come back often...

2000 Reef Ball Video Brochure (6mb, 8.75 Minutes). Learn about the entire Reef Ball family! The single best video about our operation.

Eternal Reefs (8mb, 11 Minutes). An 11 minute video deatiling the process to create a living memorial for a loved one.

1999 Reef Ball Video Brochure (5mb, 20 Minutes). A great starting place to learn about Reef Balls!

Gabereau! (As in Vicky Gabereau, the famous Talk Show in Canada) A recent 10 minute interview with Reef Ball's President Todd Barber. This one is really good! See some exciting footage of Reef Balls in COLD water! (5.5mb, 12 Minutes)

CNN's Network Earth Reef Ball Segment. It's old (1994), but a classic. Learn the basic Reef Ball story in 5 minutes (3mb, 5 minutes)

Cancun Monitoring Video 8/99
(11 min. 30 sec) This color video documents the growth on Reef Balls after 3 years in a tropical coral reef system. It is available on Digital Hi-8 Format (or less if desired) for Press, or other publicity related uses. It is an order of magnitude more beautiful with each increase in format (The Hi-* Digital is breathtaking!). If you want to know why Reef Balls really are coral reefs, just view this. You will eliminate the term "Artificial Reefs" from your vocabulary when you view this tape!

Instituto Ecoplan - Brazil (2mb, 5 Minutes). A Brazilian pictorial of the start of a Reef Ball project by Ecoplan to deploy 14,000 Reef Balls over the next several years. Although the titles are in Portuguese, this video is mainly images and suitable for all languages.

Spanish River High School Video. This award winning project was completed entirely by High School students! If you are a teacher, here's your model! (2.7mb, 7 minutes)

Sidney Pier Project Report
7 Minutes of great video work documenting the Reef Balls
(newscast style reporting) This one is in ASF format.

SPARS (Sidney Pier Artificial Reef Science), here is a great community Reef Ball project in British Columbia. Learn about Species Diversity and Reef Balls! (2.7mb, 10 minutes)

Memorial Reef Video. Here is a "home video" shot to honor a beloved Grandfather that had a Reef Ball reef build to honor him. Some nice underwater footage here. (3.2mb, 12 minutes)

Another Old Video Brochure (made in Oregon) This one has repeating scenes of fish and underwater Reef Balls with a nice voice over.

Reef Ball Old Video Brochure. This, too is old, one of the original Reef Ball videos but it has some nice video, especially of the Cancun Mexico Atlantis Submarine Reef Ball reef. (5.4mb, 20 minutes)

Greg Meyer Reports Six Months after the 1st Reef Balls. Also an old news clip from our video archives.

Gumbo Limbo Channel 5 & 25 New Clip. Old, from 1993 and early 1994, some of the first public Reefs RBDG built. News clips from the early days of Reef Balls.

Channel 25, 1st Reef Balls OLD! Here is way back to the very first public Reef Balls...even before we had mold systems! Just here for history buffs.

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