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A Reef Ball is a Designed Artificial Reef used to restore ailing coral reefs and to create new fishing and scuba diving sites. Reef Balls are used for beach protection, freshwater, mitigation, and many other uses too. Reef Balls are the only artificial reef that can be floated and towed behind any size boat! Reef Balls are made of a special, marine friendly, concrete and are designed to mimic natural reef systems, they are used around the world to create habitats for fish and other marine and freshwater species. Over 500,000 Reef Balls have been deployed in over 3,400 projects worldwide. Reef Balls are made in many sizes to best match the natural reef type which is being mimicked. The most common sizes are named:


Super Reef Ball=6 x 4.5, 5000 pounds
Reef or Ultra Ball = 5-6 X 3.8-4, 4000 pounds
Pallet Ball=4X3, 1750 pounds
Bay Ball=3X2, 400 pounds
Mini-Bay Ball=2 x 21", 300 pounds
Lo Pro Ball = 2 x 1, 75 pounds
Oyster Ball= 18"X1, 35 pounds 
"Model" Ball = 7"x5", 6 pounds


Reef Balls are by far the most used designed artificial reefs in the world due to numerous special features which make them ideally suited to create aquatic habitats...

Reef Balls can be made with mold systems from the Reef Ball Foundation Inc. Services Division

The Reef Ball Development Group is a volunteer group who's mission statement charters the group to help restore our world's ocean ecosystems through the development and use of aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sound, and economically designed artificial reefs. We emphasize on-going research, public education, community involvement, and reefs that promote and support natural species diversity and population density. The Group has constructed and deployed more than 500,000 Reef Balls in over 3,400 projects worldwide.

Or one can buy Reef Balls from authorized contractors such as:

Reef Innovations, Inc.  and others...see our contractors page for complete listings

Or Reef Balls are also often made in conjunction with the...

Reef Ball


Which is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity who funds and promotes Reef Ball projects for environmental restoration and protection projects worldwide.

You can even have your cremated remains placed in a Reef Ball or you can remember a loved one with a Memorial Reef built using Reef Balls through...

Eternal Reefs Inc.

Why Build Reefs?

Man's activities and natural disasters have led to a reductions in our natural reef systems. Recreationally, growth in sports fishing, scuba diving, and boating has increased the pressures on these systems. Commercially, our seafood industry is dependent on developing the ocean to enable ever larger, yet sustainable, harvests. The loss of our natural systems, coupled with increased use, COMPELS US TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO SAVE NATURAL REEFS. Even so, the natural reefs cannot rebuild themselves fast enough to meet human demands. Long lasting artificial reefs are useful tools for restoring our reef systems to a natural and productive balance.

What's Involved

Photo of Set Up Reef Ball Mold

Reef Ballstmare made by pouring concrete into a fiberglass mold (shown above) containing a central Polyform buoy surrounded by various sized inflatable balls to make holes. Six mold sizes are available. Molds can be leased, bought or one can simply pay a per use fee. Any type of concrete can generally be used, including end-of-day waste, but additives are needed to give the Reef Ballstm high strength and to make the concrete suitable for marine life growth.

The Reef Ball Group provides clients with concrete specifications and can supply the additives at special discounts. Building an artificial reef usually requires artificial reef permits or access to use a permitted area. The Reef Ball Group can help clients get or secure permission to use a permit. A training manual on how to use the molds and how to deploy the modules is also included with the mold systems. Authorized Reef Ball contractors can provide additional on-site training to make sure your project goes smoothly. Special programs are available to subsidize university research projects and other worthy projects through the Reef Ball Foundation. Reef Ball Foundation also encourages participation in projects by private organizations and has several sponsorship packages available for companies that want to help the environment while gaining excellent press exposure. The Group was formed to help folks build quality artificial reefs.

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