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RBDG Image Monitorings

Bill Horn and folks from the Scuba Shack (Destin)

conducted a monitoring of the Reef Balls in 74 feet of water off of Destin FL to see how they fared after one year and how well they survived the Category III Hurricane that slammed into Destin last year. The DEP was concerned since several of the other artificial reefs in the area such as the Grouper Grotto's were mostly buried or lost.. Bill reports that the Reef Balls are doing just fine with over 17 species of fish present. Bill is preparing a report on the Reef Balls to be released next week.

See the empty shells near this Pallet Ball--a sure sign of octopus activity!

Schools of Trigger, Snapper and Atlantic Spade fish.

Look at this keeper Grouper hiding in a Pallet Ball.

Here's a Blue Angelfish. Also spotted was a beautiful Butterfly fish. It's very early in the season to see such tropical gems!

Look at all of the fish schooling around the Reef Balls!

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