Artificial Reef Construction & Deployment, Coral Reef Restoration Activities, Coral Propagation & Planting, Coral Rescue and Transplanting,  Red Mangrove Planting and Monitoring & Data Collection

The Reef Ball Foundation, Inc. uses a variety of volunteers to perform projects that meet our mission statement's goals of helping to restore our world's aquatic ecosystems.  If you would like to assist us, either as a formal active team member or just as a simple volunteer then you will find what you need here.  If you have a project need, then this is a great place to find out about the range of activities that the Reef Ball Foundation can provide for you often using volunteers to make your project more rewarding. 


Coral Restoration

Coral Propagation

Coral Rescue

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Artificial Reef 
Construction &

Red Mangrove Planting

Monitoring and
Data Collection

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Ship Grounding Immediate  Assessment and Recovery Team

Hurricane Rapid Coral Recovery Team

Coral Rescue and Transplant Team (Corals Imperiled by dredging, sand renourishment, etc.)

Cable Laying Biological Optimization Team

Mangrove Loss Recovery Team

Reef Ecosystem Damage Assessment Team

Hard Coral Preservation using Genetic Coral Banks Team

Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Lobster Reefculture Team

Activities Near You (Reef Ball World Mapping System)

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John Walch
Division President 

Marjo Van Der Bulck
Coral Team Co-Leader

Sara Cirelli
Red Mangrove Team Co-Leader

Reef Ball Foundation, Inc., 
Volunteer Services Division

Georgia Office (Kathy Kirbo)
603 River Overlook Rd.
Woodstock, GA 30188 USA
Atlanta, GA 30188
770 752-0202

Florida Office (Todd Barber)
6916 22nd Street West
Bradenton, FL 34207
941 720-7549

Arizona Office (John Walch/Ocean Worlds)
15042 North Moon Valley Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85022



Todd Barber, Foundation Chairman

Kathy Kirbo,
Executive Director


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