Kuwait Reef Ball Company

 Licensed Reef Ball™ Contractors
Gulf and Middle East Region

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Construction & Deployment

About us

Our mission statement:


 “To rehabilitate our coastal waters and marine environment that will conserve, develop and educate”


Kuwait Reef Ball Company, set-up to serve the Gulf & Middle East Region, is part of the global Reef Ball Development Group (RBDG) family who has over ten years of unique experience and are USA based.  Our expertise is fully backed by the RBDG with over half a million Reef Balls deployed worldwide on over 4,000 projects.


We love providing solutions for people that want to ‘put something back’ that will definitely help the sea’s ecosystems quickly and economically. Call or email Mike Symns, General Manager, to discuss:


  • Ecological designed artificial reefs using the latest Reef Ball technology for diving & tourism, fish & marine life habitation, environmental improvement, business benefits contribution to the community and study & research
  • Manufacture and supply of Reef Balls
  • Marine Deployment
  • Site Selection and consultancy
  • Monitoring programs
  • Coral Propagation and transplant projects
  • Proven reef moorings
  • Mitigation/community support
  • Educational and children’s programs


Kuwait Reef Ball Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of EcoSeas, a marine environment consultancy group.


Submerged Breakwaters
Site Surveys
Corporate Sponsorship
Reef Maintenance & Monitoring
Coral Propagation & Transplants

Mike Symns – General Manager

Kuwait Reef Ball Company
P O Box 29643
Safat 13157, Kuwait

Tel: 00 965 2465962/9385681

Email: info@kuwaitreefball.com

A wholly owned subsidiary of EcoSeas

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