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Coral reefs are among the most productive and diverse of all natural ecosystems with the resources they produce being vital for coastal communities everywhere.   Increasingly threatened by the effects of pollution, sedimentation, construction, over-fishing and climatic changes, coral reefs need our help!

The Reef Ball Foundation, in conjunction with numerous experts and scientists have developed a coral propagation and transplant system that allows Reef Balls to be ethically and safely “seeded” with nearly any species of hard or soft coral.  This seeding process can speed up the development of a coral reef community on Reef Balls making a viable coral reef possible in just a few years. Some of the faster growing coral species can reach 22” of branching growth from a 1” transplant in just 8.5 months.  All the fragments used come from imperiled corals.

It is also possible to propagate corals that have natural resistance to threats such as pollution, etc. Seeded reef balls are much more than artificial reefs; they are in fact, infant natural reefs destined to become mature coral reef ecosystems over time.  The propagation survival rate factor using our methods is between 85% to 99%!

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