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What is a Reef Ball?

A Reef Ball is a designed artificial reef module that imitates the appearance and function of natural coral reefs. They are by far the most used designed artificial reef structure in the world due to its many unique features.  Reef Balls vary in size, thickness and height so that each module is different for various goals and applications, just like natural reefs.  

Reef Balls have scientifically designed openings and canals that make an ideal living environment for a great variety of marine species. The size of the holes permits different size of fish to inhabit the artificial reef.  Normal rounded holes are designed specifically to create vortexes (whirlpools) around the reef ball units, which are important biologically as they bring in and disperse nutrients around the reef.  The special concrete mix, with a pH similar to seawater, assures strength and compatibility with the ocean.  A variety of surface textures that enhance the settlement of marine life are applied in the construction process.


Reef Balls – the environment friendly solution!


Reef Ball design and technology is patented and copyrighted internationally.  Unauthorised imitations are illegal and inferior in both stability, concrete composition and biological activity.


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