Reef Ball Styles


Reef Balls can be made from standard molds in many different ways.  We call these styles. When you combine all of the various sizes Reef Balls are available in with these style adaptations, it is easy to visualize why Reef Balls  can be customized for nearly any artificial reef application.


Our standard size and shape is the smallest amount of concrete you can put in the water for their size and still remain stable.  They are also the easiest to handle and can be floated with an internal bladder.  For 80% of all reef building projects, this is the style of choice for both economy, efficiency, stability and ease of construction/deployment.

Layer Cakes

When you can't wait for mother nature to create extra complexity, Layer Cakes are the way to go.  They are heavy and a bit difficult to handle but for many projects that is not an issue if the right equipment is available.  This design has it's roots in Harold Hudson's designs.  Harold is known as "The Reef Doctor."



dsc03573 dsc03570

Lobster Cakes

If you are looking for a specific design to enhance spiny lobster populations, combine our Lobster Cake with Witham Collectors for a larval to adult habitat complex.  Small layers on top accommodate newly settled larval lobster coming from the Witham collectors and successive larger layer allow for larger lobsters.  A central feeding tube can be added for shallow water installations.



Modify your Layer Cakes with advanced techiques to create stalactites in the void spaces.

Red Mangrove Planters

Use any size Reef Ball lined with burlap and packed with mangrove muck and slow release osmocote fertilizers to serve as a stable pot to start red mangrove seedlings.  Pick the size of Reef Ball that is right for the wack line and tide range of your area.


Turn your molds upside down when you cast Layer Cakes and use the Stalatite method to produce upward reaching stalagmites to mimic branching corals.

Predator Exclusion

image10 image12


juviball geoweb2

There are a variety of techniques to make Reef Balls safer for juvenile fish.  Screens or Model Reef Ball over the holes, Geo-webbing, and even adding cinder blocks or empty conch shells to the void spaces of Reef Balls work well.

Seagrass (Requires mold inserts)

By making a special base, you can create Reef Balls that stand off the seagrass floor and allow light to penetrate to keep the seagrasses alive allowing deployment on seagrass beds when needed.

Anchor Adaptors

You can create a variety of pre-built hole near the base of Reef Balls to accommodate fiberglass rebar to concrete piling anchoring systems.

Abalone Surface


Although the standard Reef Balls use a rough surface area to aid in coral recruitment, smooth surfaces can be made to better accommodate some surface eating animals like Abalone.

Extended Bottom

bballwithfooter This Bay Ball was cast into a solid block as part of a project where leftover concrete is used and it is desirable to use as much concrete as possible. Reef Builders, Inc. is working on a similar reefbase1

bayinbases3 bayinbases1

You can add concrete footers of any shape to Reef Ball to increase weight, decrease subsidence on soft bottoms or to provide a space for disposal of waste concrete or other products like tire chips.

Oyster Surface


Oysters or clam shells can be incorporated on the surface of Reef Balls to create surfaces that are better for oyster recruitment.


Horizontal Stabilizer Feet

Pre-built footers can be added to reduce horizontal movement in high surge areas.  They shape of the footer is determined by bottom hardness and type.

Anti-Trawling Piles

Concrete or steel pilings can be inserted by jet or during construction to make Reef Balls that are resistant to or able to damage trawling nets.

Piling Supports


The top and bottom holes of Reef Balls can be built to exact specifications to allow a dock piling or sign piling to fit exactly to the Reef Ball to add fish habitat to piles while helping to stabilize them.

Slab Units



Multiple Reef Balls can be incorporated into single larger slab units if desired.

Custom Sculptures

heart teddy

Reef Ball technologies can be used to create custom shapes and even sculptures.

Eternal Reef

Using the highest possible strength concretes, Eternal Reefs can include human cremated remains.

Contact us for additional Styles including

Octopus modifications
Solid Bottoms
Fly-ash Disposal
Stacked Reef Balls,
and others.